Ayurvedic way of life for stress free living

Ayurvedic way of life for stress-free living

In the present era, we have developed medical science to advance levels by different types of research. And the purpose of that is to increase longevity. But are we achieving that with all the enjoyment, happiness as it should be? I think No, increase longevity with dependency is useless.

It became impossible for everyone to live a stress-free life because we consider ourselves in a competitive world. We are running behind the things, achieving them, and again starts running behind another thing without enjoying the first one. “We cannot sleep on time because we don’t have time to sleep”, we must prove ourselves in each sector of life. Let it be personal, professional, or social. We live in a family but never talk patiently to each other due to our raised stress. And the big thing is that we are talking about these stresses for the wellbeing of our family only. How complicated these things are nowadays? We are earning better for food, but we are not having time to consume it. All these little things make a large issue in the future. Decaying of teeth at the age of three years, Glasses on the eye at the age of 5 years, Heart attack at age of 30, Infertility at an early stage, what are these? This is nothing but the reflection of our deeds. Mind and bodywork in a synchronized manner we cannot change it. The day is for work, and the night is for sleep. We can’t change our system at any cost. If we are working against nature; nature will work against us.

Ayurveda has described life in a very simple manner. We must maintain our health before getting diseased. Aayu (life) – is one that goes on continuously without any break from birth to death. And our body is one which every minute is decaying. So, for enjoying a healthy life we should have to make some changes in our lifestyle. Health is not merely an absence of disease, but it is a state of physiological, psychological, and spiritual equilibrium.

According to Ayurveda, our body is made up of three constitutions i.e. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha which are called doshas. The doshas gain expression through natural law. When someone’s life according to the natural law the dosha are expressed properly and he will experience good health. Bad habits, unhealthy food, irregular lifestyle, poor eating habits, overwork, suppressed emotion, insufficient sleep, toxic environment all fight natural low and doshas go out of balance. And make a person susceptible to illness – mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Ayurveda considers a healthy living person requires proper food, sleep, and celibacy [controlled sex]. This is regarded as a tripod or three pillars of Ayurveda. Food gives character such as growth, intelligence, happiness, understanding, satisfaction, strength, clearness of mind, good voice, color, and complexion. Sleep provides a stage of happiness, strength, energy, knowledge. Celibacy is necessary for intellect, willpower, maintaining a healthy body.

According to Ayurveda, food combination, or type of food that conflicts with our nature will cause (ama) toxins. Because the body can not properly process them. In the same manner, unresolved emotions and impressions can cause mental (ama) toxins which will eventually manifest as a disease. So Ayurveda emphasis on meditation and yoga. Ayurveda explains daily regimes, Seasonal regimes, by following that makes us physically and mentally strong so that we can tackle all issues very easily. Ill thoughts, behavior gets erased from our mind to compete for anyone else. By following it we can make use strong to conquer our lacking. For stress-free living, we need to follow daily regimes. The seasonal regime, food habits, proper sleep. Therapies like abhyangam, Shirodhara, panchakarma with the advice of Ayurveda acharya. Different types of exercise, yoga according to our body type.