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Shiro Dhara

Duration: 75 minutes

This is a unique therapy of Kerala, in which a steady stream of decoction or medicated oil is poured slowly onto the forehead in a specific pattern. Forty minutes of full body therapy is included in the process.

BENEFITS: Very effective for mental relaxation, sleep disturbance, migraine, headache, hair problems and skin disorders


Duration: 40 minutes

A long chef's cap is fixed on the head in which medicated luke warm oil is retained for a definite time for approx. 30 minutes.

BENEFITS:This treatment is for visual problems, memory ailments, sleep disturbances, headaches



Duration: 30 minutes

A therapeutic treatment for the nose, throat, sinus and head. The face, shoulders and chest are massaged with specific herbal oil and made to perspire. The Herbal extracts/herbal oil in exact doze is measured and instilled into the nostrils, while inhaling.

BENEFITS:This therapy cleanses, purifies and strengthens the nasal passages allowing you to breathe fully and easily again. This treatment is highly effective for headaches, sinusitis, migraine and rhinitis. Also helps in psychiatric diseases, it nourishes the brains, nourushes all parts above the shoulder level.

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