Padakalpa or Padabhyangam

Compiled by Dr Kavita Ugale, MD Ayurveda

Abhyangam means the application of sneha (oil) mainly plain or medicated suitable to ones constitution, age, season , particular disease and atmosphere, it is an prophylactic principles mentioned in Ayurveda.It has advised as daily regimen in ayurvedic classic to promote health as it prevents individuals from many diseases.

Technical massage of the feet is called pada abhyangam or padakalpa. It can be done at any time on daily basis. In this article lets see how a small therapy called padabhyangam can be work so wonderfull.

Effect of pada abhyangam – According to ayurveda :


✔ By doing pada abhyangam in first stage it relieves kharatva (roughness) stabdata (cures stiffness),rukshata (correct excessive dryness of the sole),shrama (relieves exhaustion of feet),supti (cures numbness of feet) In second stage it gives bala and sthairyata of pada promote strength of foot , drushtiprasadak (nourishment to the eyes)

✔ It is a boon or a tonic to your eyes . In the center of feet there are two siras (veins) connected to the eyes these transmit the effect of medicine applied over the feet by massage it also stimulating alochak pitta present in our eyes which enhance the visual acuity.

It relieves from eye disorder like computer vision syndrome, dry eyes, cataract (in cataract foot massage slows down the degenerative process). By doing padaabhyngam as a daily regiment it will definitely benefit for your eyes

✔ It prevents from many vata diseases like gudrasi vat (sciatica), sandhigatavat (osteoarthritis changes like calacneous spur, or ankle joint swelling), nidranash (Insomnia), Manovikara (pyscological disordesr like stress, anxiety, depression, mood swing and many more).

According to yoga shastra – yogic centers in the body are described in the classics by name of chakras. Among these 7 chakras 2 chakras are located in head ie ajna chakra and sahasrara chakra by this we can hypothesized that with padabhyangam probably this 2 chakras are getting stimulated and activating the hypothalamus and pituitary function normally.

According to modern science – Pada abhyangam normalise the two important neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine which regulates wide variety of neuropsycological process like reducing depression , anxiety , sleep dosorders and regulates your mood.

This shows how a small, simplest and inexpensive therapy can give you such huge benefit in your life.beside this a human body weight is being carried by their feet and it is the part which is under work throughout the day so apart from work they needs special treatment, pampering, the relaxing therapy called padabhyangam or footmassage.


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