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Paediatric Treatments

As adults are stressed, children have their own issues. Learning new things, trying to cope with academicals as well as non-academicals stuff, peer pressure and continuously happening physical changes. Too much too handle, isn't it?.

Birla Ayurveda for the first time introducing treatments and therapies for Paediatric group, wherein ayurveda can help them lead a healthy life, rather than introducing ayurveda in their life at the stage of some disease. Presenting following treatments for kids,

0 months- 5 years:- Shishuabhyangam - 30 min session

5 years - 10 years:- Kishorabhyangam - 30 min session

10 years - 16 years:- Kumarabhyangam - 30 min session

Benifits/ Advantages

  • Relaxes mind
  • Increase circulation
  • Stimulate digestion
  • Calms mind
  • Encourages free flow of lymphatic fluid
  • Enhances function of major as well as minor organs
  • Boosts growth factor
  • Nourishes body as well as brain.

Shishuabhyangam :- 6 months- 5 years

Nine months in mother's womb and sudden exposure to outer world and the birth procedure, too much for a new life to handle.

  • Our therapies not only help him adjust with new environment but also nourish body, bones and brain too.
  • Helps in timely and early achievements of developmental milestones.
  • As parents are involved during therapy it strengths the bond between child and parents. As the miracles of affinity to skin, direct skin contact with parents is scientifically proven.

Kishorabhyangam:- 5 years - 10 years

All they know is play, over enthusiastic and ever charged. Crucial phase of life according to me as it's when you step beyond your secure and safe homely environment and develops new tastes, broadens their horizons (School, friends, games, growth with no sense of right and wrong.)

  • Our therapies enhance their senses making them more receptive towards new and better things in life.
  • Relaxes and enriches the overworked muscles.

Kumarabhyangam :-10 years - 16 years

An age group popularly known as adolescent, body going through lot of physical and probably new changes, (first menses, puberty, peer pressure etc.)

  • What better than ayurveda can help when you are hitting your growth spurt- disciplining your body with massage and channelizing the energy towards right cause, not only stabilizes you physically but also makes one's mind and body sound to take right and proper decisions towards bright future.


6months-5 years:

  • Soovarna prashan
  • Breast Feeding counselling
  • Abhyangam oil
  • Special medicated powders-use for bathing purpose

5 year-10 years:

  • Dietary changes
  • Krumighna chikitsa
  • Soovarna prashan
  • Treatment therapies-better bone growth,improve intelligence
  • Therapies like-matra basti, abhyanagam, annalepam, medhya sneha

10-16yrs of age:

  • Soovarna prashan
  • Lifestyle-physical activity ,sports adviced
  • Yoga advice
  • Krumighna chikitsa-deworming
  • Netra raksha-eye care
  • Treatment therapies :
  • Abhyanagam, navara kizhi, medhya sanskaar, netra tharpanam, dhara, matra basti etc
  • Counselling for adolescence.

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