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Duration: 60 minutes

Pizhichil, which literally means squeezing, is a unique contribution of the Kerala tradition of Ayurveda. Here, cloth dipped in warm medicated oil is squeezed over the body. The therapists squeeze the oil with their right hand and simultaneously massage with their left hand in down ward strokes.

BENEFITS: Pizhicil helps to relieve body pain and muscle spasms, preserves and promotes optimum health. It promotes development of muscles and increases immunity which helps prolong life span. It helps improve blood circulation, enhances skin complexion with its anti aging and revitalizing therapeutic oils.

Shiro Vasthy

Duration: 40 minutes

A long chef's cap is fixed on the head in which medicated luke warm oil is retained for a definite time for approx. 30 minutes.

BENEFITS:This treatment is for visual problems, memory ailments, sleep disturbances, headaches



Duration: 45 minutes

Cooked navara rice, herbal powders or Herbal leaves boluses bound in cloth pouches (named Navarkkizhi, Podikizhi and Elakizhi respectively) are a strengthening fomentation employed to prevent or treat Musculo-skeletal disorders, neurological dysfunction, Arthritis and Rheumatism.

BENEFITS: It is very effective for back-ache, muscular pain, stiffness and swellings of limbs and joints, sprain and cramps, sciatica, spondylosis& soft tissue inflammation especially joint pains. It supports anti-aging and strengthens the joints and tissues


Duration: 45 minutes

This is the quite essential Ayurveda therapy. Expert birla ayurveda therapists massage your head and the whole body with lukewarm ayurvedic oil.

BENEFITS:Regular Abhyangam enhances proper blood circulation, increases immunity, improves complexion and relaxes the mind.


Duration: 30 minutes

This is fomentation with medicated cow's milk.

BENEFITS:This treatment is good for facial paralysis, speech disorders and other nervous disorders of the face.

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