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Kottamchukkaadi Thailam

(3 customer reviews)

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Weight : 200ml

Overview :
Kottamchukkadi Thailam is an Ayurvedic oil used in the treatment of Vata disorders causing neuromuscular pains, sciatica, spondylosis, and etc.

Benefits of Kottamchukkaadi Thailam


  • Relieves pain and inflammation. 
  • Used in arthritis, sciatica, and spondylosis.
  • Relieves numbness & stiffness.

Direction of Use :
Apply the oil  gently on the affected area or as directed by an Ayurveda doctor.

Caution :
Keep away from children.

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Kottamchukkaadi Thailam Ingredients :
Kushtam (Saussurea oa)Rt.0.069g, Shundi (Zingiber Oarale)R0.0699, Vacha (Acorus Calamus) Rz 0 069g, Shgru Moringa Oleifera) St Bk0 .069g, Lashuna (Allium sativum) B0069,  Kaanhorti (Hugonia Mystax) RIO 0699,  Devadrumam Cedrus Deodara)HLWd0 .069g, Siddhartham (Bissaka Peiris) Sd 0.069g, Suvaha (Pluchea Lanceolata) RIO 0699 ce of Chincha (Tamarindus indicus) L[.15 000 ml, Dadhi (Curo) Sa 1000ml, and Thilajam (Sesame oil.10.000mi).

Additional information


200 ML

3 reviews for Kottamchukkaadi Thailam

  1. Tarak Joshi

    Good for pain and stiffness in muscles

  2. Mansi Sinha

    good product

  3. Ramesh jain

    Very efficient. However, we must use it for at least three days to notice a noticeable difference.
    Very good ancient product by Birla Ayurveda. Their website is offering a 25% discount on everything, so go check it out.

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