Sukumaaram Kashaayam


Weight: 200ML

It is used in indigestion, abdominal cramp, spasm, antacid, anti-inflammatory, mild laxative.

Benefits of Sukumaaram Kashaayam:

  • Menstrual disorders
  • PCOD
  • Amenorrhea

Direction of Use :
15-20ml or as directed by a physician

Caution :
Keep away from children

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Sukumaaram Kashaayam Ingredients:
Ayurvedic preparationDose: As prescribed by physician”inkumist0 765g CorthnaiiGeina oboreo) R076p Pnnlalo(Sterecsperrvane kyrathathen ntegrfoin) Rt.0.765q Shooiopomi Desmodun gageticuniy0765 Pump Pun PI0 765g, Ruhnthi (So orum infkum)P.0.765g ButnihaethedniSeimur1capr shu us tertestis) P0.765g Pryyalleptoleria reficuiata t 0765g khengm hin

i en Ri 0765g Eoronainr commuris)R.0 765g. Onton Asparagus ierosis)0 7.50 Dato rul persoacredib


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