Weight Loss Kit

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A natural way of losing all the unhealthy fats is by grabbing a Weight Loss Kit.

Overview :
For a healthier weight loss and a safer future, Ayurveda believes in solving problems from their roots

Benefits of Weight Loss Kit


  • Rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, anti-cancer, and anti-stress properties
  • Used for treatment of diabetes, prevention of cancer, arthritis, hyperlipidemia, and arsenic toxicity


Obesity, fibroid, hypothyroidism, belly fat, headache.


It is an effective Ayurvedic remedy for treating hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalance, PCOS, and joint pains.

This tablet breaks down deep-seated Kapha, supports the proper function of the thyroid and the lymphatic system.

Also useful in treating goiter (nodules of the neck), tumors, and extra growths.

Directions of Use :
As directed by your physician.

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Weight Loss Kit Ingredients:
Shigaru + Varanaadi Kashaayam + Kanchanara Gulgulu

3 reviews for Weight Loss Kit

  1. Devesh Sinha

    I lost almost 10 kilos of weight in a span of 3 months by taking this super effective weight loss kit

  2. Krishna Rao

    It nourishes your body so nice and helps you lose weight fast without any side effects

  3. kabir joshi

    Birla Ayurveda products have won me over. This kit helped me in losing 5kg in 1.5 months, so I became ambitious and ordered two more kits from their website during their 25% off offer.

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