Nasyam Therapy


Nasyam is nasal administration of medicated oil or liquid medicine. It is one of the Panchkarma. According to ayurveda nose is the gateway to the head, thus nasal therapy can be used for healing desease of the head, throat, neck.

A) Navan Nasyam: Nayam given by oils or medicated oils.

B) Peedan Nasyam: Purifying Nasyam by herbal decoctions.

C) Dhmapan Nasyam: It’s soothing Nasyam and introduces medicine into the nose by using a tube.

D) Dhoom Nasyam: It is therapeutic smoke inhalation.

E) Pratimarsh Nasyam: This type of Nasyam uses only very low doshaseof oil and can be administered using clean fingertips.
Nerve endings are exposed in the nose and terminate in the limbic area of the brain.
The limbic area is associated with our emotions as well soothing thesenerves will help to balance our emotions.
Heat and lubrication of nasal area facilitates the elimination of imbalanced doshas.
Nasyam therapy may be used to relieve the patient of the symptoms and is then recommended on a daily basis.
If there are no acute imbalances, daily Nasyam is effective for promoting improved tissue functioning and preventing reasons.
Purva karma: It includes snehan and swedan therapy. Snehan is Taking some medicated oil and doing massage to head and face specially. After that we do steaming to face. Allowing steam to penetrate to nose and lungs. This will help to loosen the mucus, opens the pores of skin and allow the oil on the face and head to penetrate deep into tissues.

Pradhan Karma: It is main procedure where patient lies on his back with his head thrown back, supported by a pillow under the neck. The medicine is administered with dropper in each nostril. Then several times the patient should sniff the oil up, while gently closing and releasing the nostril opening with index finger and thumb. The oil should be inhaled deeply.

Paschatkarma: After 10- 15 mints of procedure patient can spit out that has reached the mouth and throat. Gargle can be given with Luke warm water to cleanse the throat. And If required Patient is given medicated fume to inhale from nose and exhale from mouth ,to clear the congestions in channels.
Navan Nasyam: Dental problems, Neuralgia, Hair loss, Frozen shoulder, cataract, Premature wrinkling.

Peedan Nasyam: Headache, insomnia, Epilepsy, anxiety.

Dhmapan Nasyam: Mental condition which include psychological disorders.

Dhoom Nasyam: Used to cure lethargy, congestion, weak digestion and poor concentration.

Pratimarsh Nasyam: It pacifies increased vata and regular low dose will reduce stress.
• Indigestion
• Injuries
• Exhaustion
• Inflammation of sinuses
• Fever
• Basti karma
• Vaman
• Virechan
• Feeling of lightness in the head and having clear mind and senses.
• Timely and easy sleep, easy awakening.
• Mental relaxation.
• Breathing should be free and easy.
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