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Rediscover yourself in a place that is green, peaceful yet luxurious to flow the cosmic energy within you and keep you happy & healthy. You will love to experience the serenity around you with:

  • Powerful herbal store
  • Birla Ayurveda has expert Ayurvedic Doctors to provide superior, healthy and tasty foods as per your need during the treatment.
  • Experienced therapists from Kerela for various relaxation & life-transforming treatments.
  • Ac/non Ac accommodations for your comfort.
  • Relaxing Garden & No Pollution zone to make your feel blissed.
  • A spacious garden filled with plants and small trees soothes the senses and offers a place to read or be still during the healing process. It is important to rest during the -detoxification process and comfortable accommodations allow for a deep and satisfying relaxation.
  • Spacious & affordable rooms.

How to Reach

Exact Address/ Location?

Birla Wellness Center, Sujata Birla Hospital & Medical Research Center, 2nd Floor, Opp. Bytoo College, Nashik – Pune Road, Nashik – 422101.


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How can I go to Nashik?

Nearest airport is Mumbai or Pune with a distance of 175 km. Nashik railway station is one of the major stations of the Central Railway. There are a number of trains that connect Nashik to other cities and towns. Nashik is 185 km from Mumbai and can reach through NH-3 via Thane-Kasar-Igatpuri.

How can I go to Nashik by flight?

Mumbai International Airport serves as the nearest airport to Nashik. Plenty of domestic and international flights connect Mumbai with rest of the world. So, for going to Nashik, one can easily take a flight till Mumbai and then board a bus, car or train to travel the remaining distance.

Ayurveda Services

  • Doctor’s Consultation: Rs 200/-
  • Ac Rooms: Rs 1600/-
  • Non Ac Rooms: Rs 1100/-
  • Food (Including Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner): Rs 350/-

We are expertise in Ayurveda Therapies like:

Pizhichil Kshheeradoomam Nirvana
Abhyangam Scrub n Trim Facial
Udvartanam Udvarthanam Herbal Mask
Kizhi Upanaham Scalp Massage
Nasyam Stress Away Ayurvedic Hair Care
Tharpanam Shiro Dhara Sirovasthy
Anjanam Ubtan Thalapothichil
Shiro Vasthy Navarakizhi Panchakarma
Pediatric Pre- pregnancy

Our Nashik Stay Center have experienced Doctors, who can help you in suggestions Or treatment of Disease & Health Problems like:

Arthritis Weight Loss Migraine Panchakarma
Eyes Diseases Stress Relieves Muscular Pain Pediatric
Paralysis Hairfall Problems Insomnia Pregnancy

Ayurveda Packages


For 7 Days
package: Rs 8000/-

Vaman Is targeted to expel increased kapha dosha out of the body it causes certain types diseases such as cold, cough etc. Kapha is situated in the

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chest region expelling in from the oral route is very easy hence vaman treatment is designed to expel it out first forcefully brought from the extremities and different organs into the stomach and then vomiting is induced.


For 7 Days
package: Rs 7000/-

Virechanam  is the one of the panchakarma therapies where in purgation is induced by medicinal drugs and helps in the elimination of

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toxins from the body . Due to its broad spectrum result it is the one of the most popular among the panchakarma procedure, hence it is considered as the sodhana karma and detoxification procedure.


For 7 Days
package: Rs 13500/-

Basti is one of the Panchakarma therapies stated according to ayurveda.

Panchakarma therapies are set of 5

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therapies exclusively stated in ayurveda which include Vamana, Virechan, Basti, Nasyam, Raktamokshan.

Basti is a considered to be helpful in almost 50 percent of diseases which exist.

Basti is insertion of medicines through a different route of administration i.e. the anal route which is typically stated in Ayurveda.


For 7 Days
package: Rs 12600/-

The name comes from the Sanskrit words ksheera (milk) & dhara (flow),

Ksheera dhara is the Ayurveda

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treatment procedure refers to pouring of lukewarm cow’s milk processed with herbal decoction having cooling potency ,with a slow rhythmic flow to the forehead  or over the whole body  for a particular duration with simultaneous gentle relaxing massage.


For 7 Days
package: Rs 9000/-

Potli or Kizhi is an Ayurvedic treatment in which warm poultice filled with Herbal Powder, Herbal Leaves, Njavara rice, Sand etc. dipped in particular

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