Stress Relieves Treatment


Stress Relieves can help restore calm and serenity to your chaotic life.
You do not have to invest a lot of time or through into stress relievers.
Not taking control of the situation and doing nothing will only make your problems worse.
The keys to good stress management are building emotional strength, being in control of your situation having a good social network and adopting a positive outlook.

Ayurveda Therapies For Stress Relieves


This therapy is designed to relieve the stress and strain
Duration: 90 minutes.


This is a unique therapy of Kerala, for mental relaxation & more
Duration: 75 minutes.


Cooked navara rice, herbal powders or Herbal leaves bound in cloth
Duration: 45 minutes.


This is the quite essential and effective Ayurveda therapy
Duration: 45 minutes.

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Stress Management With Ayurveda

Ayurveda and yoga is a powerful combination to combat stress and lead a peaceful life.

You’ll be able to identify with most situations like these almost every day in your life. Life in the 21st century is fast, and the challenge for each one of us is to keep up with it. With globalization and the rapid advancement of technology, life has become incredibly complex and pushes forth at an accelerated pace. It has infused within our daily routines, a mad rush which in turn induces reactions such as anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and other stress-related symptoms. Thus, stress and anxiety have become an inevitable component of modern human life.

According to Ayurveda, physical and mental stress is one of the prime reasons for a host of health, social, economic, family, and relationship problems.

But before going into all of that, let’s first understand what stress is.

What Is Stress?

In scientific terms, stress is basically anything that constitutes a threat – real or apparent – to a living being. It’s basically the body’s built-in biological response to a threat, either real or imagined, near or far, in the form of a chemical or hormonal rush throughout the body, that triggers a fight-flight-freeze reaction.

Stress is not necessarily a bad thing. Our natural stress reactions help us avoid accidents, get work done, etc. Stress is good as long as it’s temporary. When the stress symptoms are severe, prolonged, or frequent, then it’s a cause for worry. However, when it causes panic or anxiety attacks, or it leads to depression or sickness, then it’s a cause for worry.



Duration: 90 minutes

This therapy is designed to relieve the stress and strain due to long journeys. A fusion of herbal compresses & Shirodhara to give you a royal journey to absolute wellness.


It relieves muscle pains and aches, swelling on the feet, headache, sleep disturbance, constipation, and other discomforts of jetlag.


Duration: 75 minutes

This is a unique therapy of Kerala, in which a steady stream of decoction or medicated oil is poured slowly onto the forehead in a specific pattern. Forty minutes of full body therapy is included in the process.


Very effective for mental relaxation, sleep disturbance, migraine, headache, hair problems and skin disorders.


Duration: 45 minutes

Cooked Navara rice, herbal powders, or Herbal leaves boluses bound in cloth pouches (named Navarkkizhi, Podikizhi, and Elakizhi respectively) are a strengthening fomentation employed to prevent or treat Musculoskeletal disorders, neurological dysfunction, Arthritis, and Rheumatism.


It is very effective for backache, muscular pain, stiffness and swellings of limbs and joints, sprain and cramps, sciatica, spondylosis& soft tissue inflammation especially joint pains. It supports anti-aging and strengthens the joints and tissues


Duration: 45 minutes

This is the quite essential Ayurveda therapy. Expert birla ayurveda therapists massage your head and the whole body with lukewarm ayurvedic oil.


Regular Abhyangam enhances proper blood circulation, increases immunity, improves complexion and relaxes the mind.

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