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Kizhi (Potli) Therapy


POTLI or KIZHI is an ayurvedic treatment in which warm poulitice filled with Herbal Powder, Herbal Leaves, Njavara rice, Sand etc. dipped in particular oils is applied all over the body in a rhythmic manner, with pressure. By this treatment, body expels toxins, through sweating.

It helps to reduce Vata dosha. It is very helpful in blood related Vata disorders. Most of the herbs used are strengthening.


It is very helpful to increase the overall strength of the body. It is also helps to improve the muscle bulk. It also tonnes the skin and muscle.
• Choornam kizhi(powdered herbs)
• Sand kizhi(sand)
• Njavara kizhi (njavara rice)
• Elakizhi(herbal leaves)
Choorna kizhi: Different herbal powders like kottamchukkaadi choornam, kolakulathaadi choornam etc. are fried and then tied inside the pottli. During the procedure, the potli is dipped in specific ayurvedic oils like kottamchukkaadi or sahacharaadi, depending on the disease.
Sand kizhi: Purified sand (vaaluka) is used inside the Pottli. Especially in Aamavata(Rheumatoid arthritis), where dry pottli is used to reduce the swelling.
Njavara kizhi: Also known as Shashtika Shaali Pinda sweda. For this procedure, rice harvested in 60 days is used for the potli .The rice is processed with herbal decoction(bala) and milk, which is tied in bolus and rubbed against the whole body inarhythmic manner. This potli is especially used in Musculoskeletal and Neuromuscular diseases. This pottli gives nutrition to the tissues, which undergo depletion and degeneration.
Ela kizhi: Also known as Patra pinda sweda or Patra potli. Different herbal leaves like Shigru, Eranda etc. are used along with garlic and coconut. The contents are fried in neem oil and tied in a Potli. This pottli will be dipped in heated oils like Dhanwantharam, Prasaarinyaadi, kottamchukkaadi oils. It gives good relief in arthritis and spondilitic conditions.
Herbal oils for this purpose are selected by our ayurveda physicians on the basis of the patient dosha prakriti or any disease pathology. The Abhyangam starts with Padapooja followed by head massage and the full body massage. Abhyangam is done using specific strokes specific number of times with a basic pressure.
• Helps improving muscle strength
• It slowdowns the process of aging
• Alleviates sore muscles and joints
• Relieves body pain and stiffness
• Enhances blood circulation
• Treatment is effective for Arthritis problems
• Very effective for patients suffering from Paralysis
• Removes dryness of the skin
• Effective for patients with Slipped Disc
• Relieves from Sprain and other sports injuries
• Very relaxing and detoxifying
• Pitta prakruti with heat sensitive body
• Skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis.
• Acute Inflammation
• Infectious diseases
• Certain forms of cancer
• Acute illness
• Certain cardiac problem
• Extreme fatigue
• Hemorrhagic disorders
• Unconsciousness
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