Pizhichil Therapy


Pizhichil is also known as kaya seka, tail seka or sarvang sneha dhara.It is a treatment procedure in which the herbal oils or ghee is poured over the body of patient along with massage in monitored stream for a fix duration of time. It is type of parishek sweda (steam).
Parishek sweda: Stream pouring or sprinkling or showering of warm herbal decoction to pacify doshas is called as parishek sweda.

• Paralysis
• Hemiparesis
• Paraplegia
• Osteoarthritis
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Ankylosing spondylitis
• Fibromyalgia
Preparation of patient after thorough examination of prakruti, vikruti.
Materials needed for treatment are collected beforehand like oil, dhara patra, and attendants.

Pradhan karma:
We need 2 masseurs at least to carry out the procedure in a synchronized way on either side of patient. Rhythm of oil pouring should be same on either side of patient. This method is conducted for prescribed time and care should be taken that neither the body of patient nor the bolus get cool, if possible we can keep one helper to just heat the medicine in appropriate manner and time. The masseurs should have small dhara pots in their hands. The liquid filled in it should be allowed gently and synchronized manner followed by gentle massage. The stream should neither be too thick nor thin, neither too cool nor hot, neither fall on rush nor too slow.
The oil poured in stream over the body of the patient flows through the tapered opening at the foot end of the table and gets collected in a vessel kept beneath it. We can recycle that oil by collecting it in vessel, heating and giving back to masseurs for procedure.
Sign of proper fomentation: The feeling of coldness pacifies, Pacification of pain, Reduction of stiffness, Reduction of heaviness, Smoothness of body, Reduction in symptoms of disease.

Pashchat karma:
After Pizchill body should not exposed immediately to cold. And patient should allow relaxing for a while. Patient is advised to take a refreshing hot water with some medicinal value like shunthi, jeerakam, etc.
• Dhatu Drudata – strengthens the tissues.
• Vrishata – act as an aphrodisiac.
• Deha sthairyam- makes the body strong.
• Agni sthairyam- established the normalcy of digestive fire and correct metabolism.
• Varna sthairyam- provides and established the proper color.
• Oja sttairyam –stablised ojas in body
• Patavam indriyas- relaxes and rejuvenate the mind and senses.
• Jarso maandhyam- delays ageing.
• Chiram jeevitasm- provides longevity of life.
• Asthinaam bhagnam apkaroti- heals fractures.
• Nitaraam Doshan- Controls equibrillium in all doshas.
Pizichil is very good therapy but on other hand it is not the sole remedy. Parallel to it might be some other therapy or some other internal medication may require according to the body type or complication in disease. So Pizichil is one of the best treatments in ayurveda for strengthening, rejuvenating and for neuromascular and musculoskeletal disorders, but under Ayurveda doctor observation only.
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