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Raktamokshan Therapy


Raktamokshan is one of the very effective treatment comes under Panchkarma explained in Ayurved which acts as a curative as well as preventive. It is an effective blood purification therapy, in which carefully controlled removal of small quantities of blood is conducted to neutralise accumulated Pitta toxins of many blood-borne diseases. It helps to clear the dosha residing in the shakha that is deeper tissues and its best remedial treatment is raktashuddhi.

• Rakta dhatu refers to primary fire of body closely related to pitta dosha.
• When Pitta dosha vitiated, get lodge into the blood forming various symptoms.
• Raktamokshan process helps to subtle the increased Pitta by letting it flow out of the body with blood.
1. Anushastra
• Jaluka – method of blood letting by using Leeches
• Shring – Impure blood is drawn with the help of horn
• Alabu – with the help of dried bottle.

2. Sashstra
• Prachyan – incising the diseased part by using instruments
• Siravedh – excising particular blood vessels.
After finalising which dosha is aggravated form of Raktamokshan should be decided

1. In jalukacharan
– Snehanswedan done
– Specific part is made dry
– Prick a needle for blood
– Apply the Leech

2. Using Shringa
– Incision done on skin
– Wide base of horn is placed on site
– suck air and closed narrow end the thumb
– Vacuum is created and blood rushes out

3. With Alabu
– Incision is made on the skin
– Candle is placed and ignited
– Covered with bottom of Alabu yantra
– Vacuum is created and blood rushes out

4. Prachhan
– Blood letting through multiple incision in any localized area

5. Siravedh
– Patient selected and diagnosed
– Snehaswedan
– Vein is selected and bandage is applied above the site of siravedh
– Vacuum is created and blood rushes out


• Immuno stimulating
• Anti-inflammatory
• Raises nutrition to tissues
• It acts as a instant relief to pain
• Useful in many skin diseases, acute and chronic both.
• Pigmentation
• Scars
• Pruritis
• Wound
• Osteoarthritis
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Gouty arthritis
• Psoriatic arthritis
• Atopic dermatitis
• Pain
• Uremia Inflammations
• Allergies
• Skin disorders such as Eczema, Allergic Dermatitis
• Tonsillitis
• Sciatica
• Haemorrhagic diseases
• Hypotension
• General fatigue
• Haemophili
• Person suffering from diseases like ascites
• Anaemia
• Haemorrhoids
• During pregnancy
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