Greeva Vasti Therapy


‘Greeva’ refers to the nape of neck region thus it is the procedure in which the medicated oil is retained in the neck region for a certain period of time.

• Position of person undergoing Greevavasti should be Prone that is face down on massage table
• Before Greevavasti, local massage with oil is done to improve the absorption of medicated oil or decoction of herbs according to requirement of person.
• The dough is prepared by using black gram flour or wheat flour.
• Boundaries where oil to be poured are completely sealed with the help of dough.
• The medicated oil is soaked up, heated to become lukewarm and pored back again by adding fresh oil in it. This repeated during the whole procedure.
• Duration of treatment varies considering condition and requirement of patient.
• Increases blood supply to neck and shoulders
• Rejuvenates and nourishes muscle tissues, bones and nerves around neck and shoulder
• Relieves pain and inflammation
• Improves flexibility
• Enhances ease of movements
• Relieves stiffness and discomfort
• Chronic pain in neck region
• Cervical spondylosis
• Cervical disc lesion
• Vertigo
• Compression fractures
• Frozen shoulder
• Osteoporosis
• Slipped herniated disc
• Sprain and strains
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