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Vaman Therapy


It is planned it is induced and vomiting is expected to run for a definite amount of time and then it is planned to stop.

Is targeted to expel increased kapha dosha out of the body it causes certain types diseases such as cold, cough etc.Kapha is situated in the chest region expelling in from the oral route is very easy hence vaman treatment is designed to expel it out first forcefully brought from the extremities and different organs into the stomach and then vomiting is induced.

Before vaman you may be asked to drink a specific type of ghee for 3 to 7 days it is usually gradually increased day by day in emergency conditions the ghee consumption may be advised for 1 day only in which case it usually mixed with rock salt this process of drinking ghee is called snehakarma or oletion therapy.After 3 to 7 days of ghee consumption you will be advised to undergo oil massage with steam at that day, night, you will be given kapha increasing diet such as sweet curd black gram vada etc.
On the day before vaman. Kapha dosha is excited in the patient by administering drink and at night meal rise with curd.
The patient is made sure that he has slept well the previous night
Patient is made sure that his previous food is well digested.
The patient is made to take hot water bath.He is either maintain empty stomach
The aged, children, the debilitated cowards should be made to drink milk, sugarcane juice added with honey saindhava salt, appropriate to the disease to their maximum capacity. Determining the nature the nature of his bowel the emetic drug is administered
The physician should administer dose of the decoction of the fruit of madanphala along with honey rock salt Phanita and a powder of madhuka. After consuming the medicine he sh await for one muhurta 48 min for the commencement of vomiting with keen intent with the appearance of oppression in the chest and salivation he should try to vomit
Patient is in structed not to exert too much but allow the vomiting urge to fully manifested.If the bouts are not coming up easily he should tickle his throat either with his finger or soft tube without injuring the throat. Sitting on a seat of height of one knee the bouts of vomiting should be held supported by another person. His umbilical region and back should be massaged upwards direction. The physician should very carefully observe the vomit in the spittoon ascertain the no of urges and should conclude therepy as to whether the therepy has been well administered In excess.It is from this observation that the physician can determine the further line of action so he should very carefully observe the vomiting urges.It bouts are insufficient they should be induced again and again by drinking water boiled with long pepper Amla, mustard, and rock salt
Samsarjan karma i. e diet after vaman for 5 to 7 days.


• Lightness in the chest is often experienced after undergoing the vaman
• People analyses things more efficiently, promotes good voice and good appetite.
• In ancient days vaman was said to be given to one, after consumption of poison or food poisoning which is today followed by stomach wash in modern science.
• After vaman, the sinuses are cleared which in turn provides relief from congestion, wheezing and breathlessness.
• It is a highly efficient treatment in Asthma and skin related problems like psoriasis.
• Reduction in weight and cholesterol & triglycerides.
• Basically person who has kapha deficiency like dryness, lightness, symptoms is not suitable for vaman pregnant women
• Person who has not undergone oletion therapy because without oleation treatment of kapha does not extracted into gut
• Who have strong digestive activity person who is hungry
• Children, Old person, the emaciated highly obese
• Patient with heart diseases the wounded, weak debilitated etc
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