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Hair loss problem is very common due to change in life style and weather. it is normal to shed certain amount of hair every day  but if it is in more significant amount then usual one need to consult doctor for appropriate treatment. More common cause is hereditary hair loss. Apart from this hormonal imbalance, medications or any medical condition. Hair loss may affect scalp or entire body. Baldness typically refers to excessive hair loss from scalp. hereditory hair loss with age is cause of baldness.

Treatment for hair loss tends to be more effective when started early.

Ayurveda Therapies For Hairfall Problems


This is a unique therapy of Kerala, for mental relaxation & more
Duration: 75 minutes.


Scalp massages can decrease stress and boost your mood
Duration: 45 minutes.


Massaging scalp and hair with warm oil, with hair-friendly herbs
Duration: 30 minutes.


This is special procedure of application of medicated paste on head.
Duration: 45 minutes.

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  • Heredity

Family history reveals the major cause of hair loss. it usually occurs in a specific pattern with aging, a receding hairline in males and thinning of hair in females. also known as male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness.

  • Hormonal Changes

An aman6y conditions may lead to permanent or temporary loss of hair like pregnancy, childbirth, thyroid imbalances, menopause. The use of birth control pills may alter the hormonal pattern and lead to hair loss.

  • Androgenetic Alopecia

It is another term for male or female pattern baldness.

  • Nutritional Deficiencies

Nutrition deficiencies like deficiency of vitamin A, D, C may lead to hair thinning and further loss of hair.

  • Pregnancy

Some women can experience hair loss right after childbirth. this is due to a decrease in estrogen levels. This type of hair loss required care to be taken and can be resolved by itself in a year.

  • Medications

Hair loss may be represented as a side effect of many medications taken as a treatment for cancer, depression, gout, arthritis, high blood pressure.

  • Alopecia Areata

It is a medical condition in which patchy hair loss is observed.

  • Certain hairstyles and treatments

Excessive hairstyling or pulling of hair during hairstyle may cause hair loss which is also known as traction alopecia.

Risk Factors For Hair Loss:-

A number of factors can increase your risk of hair loss, including;

  1. Family history of alopecia i.e. balding, either maternal or paternal families.
  2. Age
  3. Significant weight loss
  4. Certain medical conditions
  5. stress



Duration: 75 minutes

This is a unique therapy of Kerala, in which a steady stream of a decoction or medicated oil is poured slowly onto the forehead in a specific pattern. Forty minutes of full body therapy is included in the process.


Very effective for mental relaxation, sleep disturbance, migraine, headache, hair problems, and skin disorders


Duration: 45 minutes

Scalp massages can decrease stress and boost your mood. Scalp massages help to create a good environment for hair growth stimulate blood flow to and from the skin


Blood flow to the hair cells means healthier hair growing out of your scalp


Duration: 30 minutes

Ayurveda has specific treatments for maintaining healthy and beautiful hair free from problems. Massaging the scalp and hair with warm oil, preferably infused with hair-friendly herbs (Amla, Brahmi), helps nourish the scalp and hair, increases blood flow to the hair follicles, supports the growth of healthy hair, and restores the lost luster.


Get satin-soft skin with this therapy.


Duration: 45 minutes

This is special procedure of application of medicated paste on head.

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