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Takradhara Therapy


It is a traditional ayurvedic treatment where in astream of buttermilk is poured on to the targeted body part.this is a commonly practiced ayurvedic therapy in ehich we are doing it for either for head or for full body according to the health condition.

This is the important part in the procedure.
1.5 litres of milk diluted with 4 times water is boiled with 100g of Musta tied in a small potali, and is reduced to the same quantity of milk. Potali is taken out and squeezed well. When cooled, this prepared milk is fermented by the addition of a little sour buttermilk over night. Next morning the fermented medicated curd is churned by adding 500ml of Amalaki kwatha. The butter is removed completely and this mixture is used for dhara after filtering. Amalaki kwatha: 200g of dried Amalaki fruit boiled with 8 litres of water and reduced to 2 litres.1.5 litres of Amalaki kwatha is used to mix with buttermilk & 500ml of that is used to wash the head after the procedure.
The patient shall be lie down on the tablewith his head resting on elevationat the head end. .
Shiroabhyanga is given with specified oil which is suitable for the patient health condition.and also abhyangam to the full body should be done before the main dhara procedure. The dhara stand should be placed vertically near to the head end.dhara vessel is placed properly above the head end with a cotton wick on it the height of atleast 2 feet should maintain. The prepared takra is placed in avessal and heat contyinuosly in a medium flame.and is placed in the dhare vessel.on cooling down the medicines should be replaced simultaneously.Continously pour over the forehead. The procedure should continue for 45 to 60 min.
1. Maintain the temperature of takra(in pitta cold,and in vata kapha hot) .
2. The height of the dhara vessel should be maintain properly.
7to 21 days


Highly effective in alleviating hypertension, sleeplessness, fatigue head ache, low immunity, anorexia, urinary disorders, psoriasis, depression, stress, migraine, dandruff, hair fall, hair loss, etc.
Cold, fever, weakness, jaundice
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