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Massage Full

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Experience the best full body spa with Birla Ayurveda today!

We serve you the best tranquil full massage by our professional therapists.

Our therapist are specially appointed from Kerala that offers the best yet soothing massage

The products used by our therapist are the formation of organic material.

Massage full body 

with Birla Ayurveda is sure to provide you with the best tranquil experience. Massage is a luxurious experience for people who are wishing to get it for the first time. Massage is the solution to get away from all your stressful days and hectic schedule. Reduce all your long-week stress and rejuvenate yourself with Birla Ayurveda Massage.
It is an experience of the holistic approach that can leave you with a feeling of peace, energy, and calmness.
Now, your search stops for massage full at Birla Ayurveda and experience the surrounding of peace and wellness. At our center, we offer a systematic way of services, keeping the current situation in mind. Our staff and the entire therapist follow the health safety protocols before rendering any services to the visiting customers.
Some people find massage a typical experience, awkward or scary. But, breaking out all the myths, massage is the solution to reduce all the tension as well as muscle stress through the medium of various therapies.

Full body massage is a name that explains massage as a therapeutical session that is given to people in a different area of the body.
Full body massage is a procedure that covers top- to- toe. Traditionally, a full body massage covers:
• Head
• Neck
• Shoulders
• Arms
• Hands
• Upper & lower back
• Legs
• Feet

For massage, you don’t need any pre-preparation. Before the massage begins the therapist of Birla Ayurveda will ask you about your past history, symptoms, or any other issue, so accordingly message will be given. The therapist will explain the procedure and the material used for a specific massage.
During the procedure of massage begins, the therapist will ask you to remove your dress or to remove the loose-fitting clothing. Undress the clothes until you’re comfortable. The therapist will ask you to lie on a table and later a bed sheet will be put on you to cover yourself.
Massage can also be given by sitting on a chair, in full clothes. The massage therapist will perform an evaluation through touch to locate painful or tense areas and to determine how much pressure to apply.
Depending on the type of massage you select, the therapist will accordingly choose herbal oil or lotion to reduce the unwanted friction on the skin.
Most importantly, your therapist will ask you if you’re allergic to any raw- material.
The massage session will be given for at least 10 to 90 minutes, depending on the type of massage you opt for. Whatever type of massage you select you will feel relaxed and calmed.