Daadimaashtaka Choornam

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Weight: 50GM

Overview :
It is used for the gastrointestinal problems and malabsorption problems.

Benefits of Daadimaashtaka Choornam


  • Dadimaashtaka Churna is a polyherbal Ayurvedic formulation mainly used for gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea

Direction of Use :
3-6 gms or as directed by physician

Caution :
Keep away from children

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Daadimaashtaka Choornam Ingredients:
Each 10g prepared out of:

Thugasheeri SC 0.99kg, Twak st 0.198kg, Nagakesara adr 0.198 kg Sd 0.198 kg

3 reviews for Daadimaashtaka Choornam

  1. Manjula Mahadik

    Chan product ahe

  2. Ashish

    A very good quality and great product

  3. Surekha Chile

    I’ve been taking it for the past two months, and it’s an actual ayurvedic product that works as described in Ayurveda. I’m happy with your product. Thank you for offering a high-quality, genuine product that is difficult to find on the market. I’m going to order 2-3 bottles more because of the genuine quality and the sale on their website which is 25% off on all products

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