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Mahaamaasha Tailam

(4 customer reviews)

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Weight : 200ml

Overview :
Mahaamaasha Tailam is widely used to control neurological conditions.

Benefits of Mahaamaasha Tailam 


  • Mahaamaasha Tailam is a herbal oil that is used externally in Panchkarma treatments.
  • Mahaamaasha Tailam benefits patients who are suffering from neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders that adversely affect the ease of movement.
  • The inclusion of the herbs makes Mahaamaasha Tailam uses multifold as they are a good tonic for the muscles, nerves, and bones and strengthen the body. It is good Ayurvedic medicine for stiffness.

Direction of Use :
It is used as an external application.

Caution :
Keep away from children.

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Mahaamaasha Tailam Ingredients :
Dd.of – Moksham (Phaseolus Roxburghii) Sd 5 000 g. Bolu (Sida consfok.) R. 500 g Kase Poda 5.006 Vhoem (Aede Mormeles) R0.500, Agnimonthe (Prenro Iteglak e 0.0 Styonckom (Onónylum Indcum) R 0.500 g, Poctole (Stereospermum suOvIolens A. 0 500 g Gart (Gmino crboreo) R. 0 500 g. Shocioporri (Desmodum gangetcum) a0.500g Prstipan U t 0.500 g. Bruhathi (Solon.m inócum) PL 0.500 g, Brahetheebhedam (Solonum Anthocapum) A. 0S0 Gokshura Tribulus Terrestris) Pt. 0.500 g Yavom (Hordeum Vugero) Sd 1.647g Kochan (Lymphs nao Sa. 567 a. Kukehom (Doichos biflorus) Sd. 1.667 g. Cchooga Meomson (Mect of goct) Meat 5.000g

Pst.of- Roasne (Puchec lanceolata) . 0.078 Atmagupta Mucuna prurient R:0.078 Sdu ta sch0.078 g Shathochwa (Anethum groveolers) Sd0 078 g. Eorandom (Icins Cenmuni R0 Murstinkon (Cypermrchundus) Rr 0 078 Jeevakcm/Sub Videari (Sub Parrie Hibwrse) & 10 0ng Stocken Sub. Vidcon (Set. Puerto tuberose) 2.10.0782 Metre/Set Shona Salinas Ocemosus) R 1O 078 Mchcomedha/Sub Shothovari (Sub Asporapisecomos.s) 10012 Kokoi Sub Ashwagandha(Sb Withania Somcfrn & 0:078 q. Ksheerkakoli Sob Ashwngande St re.

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200 ML

4 reviews for Mahaamaasha Tailam

  1. Ajay Bojja

    Best for shoulder and muscular pain

  2. Taruk Khan

    valuable and affordable product

  3. Ashwini Rokade

    Mahamasha Thailam is beneficial in recovering from paralysis, facial paralysis, frozen shoulder, shoulder dislocation pain, palsy, muscular weakness, muscular stress, paraplegia, monoplegia, neck stiffness, neuromuscular disorders. Birla Ayurveda’s shipping is quite quick. Thank you for your hard work.

  4. Amandeep kaur

    I’ve had huge results with it for cervical spondilitis and shoulder pain. I use it on a regular basis to stay in shape and avoid pain. It’s far better than Kerala Ayurveda Tailam.

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