Nameha Tablets

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330.00 247.50

(60 Tablets: 500 mg)

Weight : 50GM

Overview :
Diabetic & Maintaining Sugar Level, Glucose Metabolism

Benefits of Nameha


  • It is an ayurvedic medicine with highly potent herbs, used since ancient times for the management of issues associated with diabetes.
  • It contains Amalaki and Guduchi along with Triphala to reduce sugar levels and regulate glucose metabolism.
  • It supports the health of vital organs affected due to issues caused by diabetes.

Direction of Use :
Twice daily or as directed by physician

Caution :
Keep the bottle tightly closed away from direct sunlight.

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Nameha Tablets Ingredients:
Each tablet contains:-
Amalaki Ghana Ayu Ph (75 mg), Guduchi Ghana Ayu Ph (75 mg), Mamejawa Ghana Ayu Ph (75 mg), Kadunimbapatra Ghana Ayu Ph (75 mg), Triphala Ghana Ayu Ph (60 mg), Daruharidra Ghana Ayu Ph (50 mg), Gudmar Ghana Ayu Ph (30 mg), Haridra Ghana Ayu Ph (30 mg), Latakaranja Ghana Ayu Ph (30 mg), Processed with Jambhulbeej Quath (- QS)

4 reviews for Nameha Tablets

  1. Vishakha M

    Very helpful in maintaining sugar level and controlling it

  2. Rai Princy

    Awesome and nice!!

  3. Aman Sachdeva

    I used this to my control diabetes. Before starting nameha, I used Diabaplus for 7-8 months and my sugar levels were about 135/180.
    I’ve been using Nameha pills for 40 days and my glucose readings are currently 102/125.
    I’ve cut allopathic medicine in half now.

  4. Devika Prasad

    Type 2 diabetes is an issue for my father. He began to use it, and the results were excellent. It is a product that has no negative effects and can be used by diabetic patients. It has no side effects and will never hurt the pancreas or any other organ in the body. thank you Birla Ayurveda team for these amazing tablets for diabetes. Also please check their website for great 25% sale

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