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Ayurveda Wellness Retreat Rishikesh Resorts

Shloka Villa in Rishikesh is a True testimony of ritual paradise. It is an authentic retreat center located at the most mythological place called Laxam Jhula, a monument where the history of religious belief started. It is a place of 5 Generations of knowledge, wisdom, and tradition that has been passed down within the family. They preserved the best of the olden era of architecture and improvised the reach of traditional Ayurveda to everyone. They have combined everything needed for perfect Cure and Wellness. At Shloka Villa in Rishikesh, they will assess your health concerns and expectations to provide a smooth yet relaxing stay for you to make memories.

With Birla Ayurveda Villa, You Have Unique Access To The Property which Includes:

  • The house gives an endurance of vintage Interiors
  • Access to the beautiful yet mesmeric Ganga view along with the blissful pleasure of the Ghats and the historic monument ‘Laxman Jhula’.

Included in Rates

Dev Bhoomi as it is called by the power of rituality,  Rishikesh, the enclosure of the Shloka villa endures the aura with some marvelous amenities:

Bedrooms Dining room Sofa Caretaker
Beds Gazebo Kitchen Security Guards
Bathrooms Hall Garden

The beauty of this land encaptures and scatters the place in between the ritual river Ganga.

What you can expect here-

Staying close to nature and surrounded by religious history, the beautiful villa enhances your staycation with memories and pleasure.


To dig into the beauty of the land of Rishikesh, the villa offers quick and free access to speedily running wifi.

Kitchen Appliances- 

To enjoy every tip of authentic cuisine at your tip we also have kitchen facilities and appliances like an oven, Refrigerator, Tumble dryer, washing machine, fully equipped kitchen, dishwasher, and cooking utensils.

The comfort of Ayurveda at your doorstep


Claimed with a perfect and sole mating destination, the villa also offers Ayurveda retreat therapies to the visitors to experience the traditional relaxation mode at the tip. We offer luxurious Ayurveda therapies performed by the expertise of Kerala professional therapies. To enjoy every moment of the trip and sharing the cozy vibes, we have 6 seater sofas, a living room, and a dining room. Hence, you can vibe along the corner you want to chill.

Not Included In Rates

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Ayurveda services
  • Car rental
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Spa treatments in house

Rishikesh Wellness Retreat

Swasthyam-Wellness Retreat


Wellness-An Introduction To Peace

Main Pillars:

  • Panchakarma
  • Detoxification
  • Relaxation

How Does It Help You?

  • Helps in Nourishing your health with a dose of relaxing massage
  • Heals your body through the balance of 5 elements bhūmi (earth), Jala (water), Tejas (fire), Vayu (air), and Akash (ether)
  • Reconnects nature and health

Various Programs:

  1. Swasthyam Life
  2. Swasthyam Detox
  3. Swasthyam Weight Management
  4. Swasthyam Panchakarma
  5. Swasthyam Beauty
  6. Pre-Wedding Bride And Groom Swasthya
  7. Netra Raksha
  8. Swasthyam Winter


3 Days Package Rs 14557/- Shirodhara, Nirvana, Stress away
5 Days Package Rs 20822/- Abhyanagam, Shirodhara, Nirvana, Herbal Steam, Kizhi


Daily Educational Wellness Workshops And Lectures With Our Experts

5 Days Package Rs 24882/- 2 Matra Basti + 1 Kizhi + 2 Abhyangam +1 2 Sheerodhara + Nasyam Pratimarsh   5
8 Days Package Rs 37629/- 8 Session Basti+2 Abhyangam+ 2 Kizhi + 2 Shirodhara
14 Days Package Rs 60250/- Shodhan Therapy – Vaman/Virechan/Basti 16,42 Abhyanga 4 Kizhi +4 Shirodhara


8 Days Package Rs 48336/- 8 Udwartanam + 8 Basti + 8 Steam
15 Days Package Rs 115275/- 8 Udwartanam + 7 Kizhi + 15 Basti + 15 Steam + 3 Sheerodhara
21 Days Package Rs 136460/- 10 Udwartanam +11 Kizhi + 21 Basti/1 Shodhana (Vaman/Virechan) + 21 Steam + 2 Shirodhara


8 DAYS Rs 21784/- 8 Days Abhyanagam +8 Basti
16 DAYS Rs 43568/- 16 Days Abhyanagam + 16 Basti
32 DAYS Rs 130704/- 8 Days Abhyanagam + 8 Basti + Vaman/Virechan


3 Days Rs 19487/- Abhyangam + Udwartanam + Steam, Shringara + Fruit Facial, Navara Kizhi + Navara Facial
5  Days Rs 2776/- Abhyangam + Udwartanam + Steam, Shringara + Fruit Facial, Navara Kizhi + Navara Facial + Ubtan + Soundarya Samvartakam
7  Days Rs 38909/- Abhyangam + Udwartanam + Steam, Shringara + Fruit Facial, Navara Kizhi + Navara Facial + Ubtan + Soundarya Samvartakam + Stressaway + Pizhichil + Ayurveda Herb


Here, we will provide an outstanding yet peaceful massage to the bride and the groom who are soon going to get married.

Netra Raksha Package- Rs 1500/Day

Swasthyam Winter Package– 5 Day Package – Rs 9600/-

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