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Ayurvedic approaches you must adopt to escape from Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that does not have immediate symptoms or treatment, but it nevertheless scares the best among us. Although it cannot be cured, high blood sugar is a common lifestyle condition that may be managed. The pancreas’ insulin is responsible for regulating blood glucose levels, but diabetes is brought on by unusually high blood sugar levels brought on by a shortage of insulin, its inefficient production, or its incorrect administration.

There is no known cure for diabetes; rather, a number of lifestyle changes need to be made often. To assist in not only managing but also preventing diabetes, sustainable prevention techniques must be implemented in addition to these lifestyle changes. On this World Diabetes Day, this article will help you to learn about some Ayurvedic approaches you must adopt this to escape from diabetes.

Ayurveda is one of the best methods for addressing the root causes of diabetes, claims a study. Ayurvedic treatments, which make use of herbal medicines, work on the principle that prevention is preferable to treatment to assist in controlling the crippling symptoms of diabetes. These medications can successfully treat the condition at its root by lowering blood sugar levels to non-diabetic values.

Ahead of World Diabetes Day 2022, as part of preventative measures and lifestyle changes to reduce high blood sugar levels, here are some cutting-edge Ayurvedic approaches you must adopt this to escape from diabetes:

Ayurveda-approved juices

Ayurvedic juices or as we call them Kadhas and their outstanding mixture of pure herbs provide natural diabetic management. Juices produced from a mixture of Amla, Jamun seeds, and Karela are regarded to be the best natural way to control blood sugar levels. Karela juice is beneficial for diabetics of both types 1 and 2, and it can be taken in the morning. These juices help with general digestion, boost energy, regulate carbohydrate metabolism, and regulate blood sugar levels. Make sure you use these supplements only after seeing an Ayurvedic doctor for the best outcomes.

Managing stress

Stress is becoming a major factor in heart disease. Today’s society constantly exposes people to high levels of stress at work and at home, making it imperative to maintain low levels of stress. According to Ayurveda, meditation can help with stress reduction and management. Chanting and breathing exercises can both help you keep your blood sugar levels in check. 

Maintaining a healthy diet

One of the key elements in managing diabetes is adopting a healthy eating habit, which may have a favourable effect on one’s health. Choosing foods with a lower glycemic index would require changing one’s diet. Consuming whole grains and healthy fats while reducing red meat and beverages with added sugar would accomplish this.

Regular physical activity

In our busy lives, regular exercise or physical activity, even for an hour, could delay the early start of diabetes. It becomes essential to break the pattern of your busy schedule if you want to avoid more medical problems like hypertension, high cholesterol, etc.

These contemporary approaches are based on extensive research on healthy ways to manage diabetes and avoid it by taking preventative action.

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