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Ayurvedic Lifestyle

A system in which people focus on bettering their health. They emphasize treating illness by making some significant changes in their lifestyle. An Ayurvedic lifestyle is one in which we incorporate practices like massaging of the body, deep meditation and important dietary changes with the use of herbal remedies. One also needs to practise yoga regularly to cure his ailments. The modern lifestyle often comes with responsibilities and expectations that at times lift us but often leave us feeling exhausted and off-balance. We live at a time where our bodies are constantly worn out and in dire need of restoration.

Yoga, along with

The Practice of the Ayurvedic Lifestyle

aid us to become better versions of ourselves by incorporating things like proper nourishment, a healthy diet, self-care and hygienic practices, beneficial physical activity and more. To have an Ayurvedic lifestyle, going to bed early is one of the ideal ways to go about the change. It is necessary to sleep by 10 pm to have a healthy life and maintain good health. It is believed that the human body detoxifies itself between 10 pm and 2 am. Also, don’t forget to switch off all your electronic gadgets before sleeping. Try to have a calm and relaxed sleeping pattern. After a good and proper sleep at night one should not find it difficult to wake up in the morning. To follow an ayurvedic lifestyle one needs to wake up early. It is said that sleeping beyond sunrise leads to the slogging of our communication channels with impurities that make our mind feel dull, our mood gloomy and our body lethargic all along the day.

As one wakes up one need to stretch their body and drink enough. If possible go for lukewarm water. It is important to engage in some physical activity because that activates the body organs and supports easy bowel movements. For a proper ayurvedic lifestyle it is necessary to go to the bathroom early in the morning. The early we expel the wastage from our body the lesser the time toxins get to build in our body. The Shat Kriya or the cleansing process is important in the Ayurvedic lifestyle. Most of us intuitively splash water on our faces to wake up and feel rejuvenated.

For an ayurvedic lifestyle, it is important to feed the belly and fuel your body. Breakfast is an important meal of the day. Focus on having a light but nutritious balanced diet. The outer ear, neck, upper spine, arms, joints, abdomen, legs, and feet and use some nasal and eardrops as well. Immerse yourself in retreat-like Ayurvedic lifestyle practices like these and live a better life. The process of Self- Abhangya or massaging your body helps in the toning of the muscles and skin. It is a process in which warm oil is applied to the body which helps in hydrating the skin. 

The ideal order to have an Ayurvedic lifestyle is to start with yoga, followed by a breathing or pranayam practice then concluded with meditation. If you are a beginner you should simply focus on the basic yoga poses when first starting. For sequence inspiration then move slowly towards the pranayama practice and end it with a quiet meditation practice.

Taking a relaxing bath is another important ayurvedic lifestyle habit. It not only supports overall health but also serves as the time of the day to unwind and enjoy some much-needed self-care. In an Ayurvedic lifestyle to consume three meals a day, with lunch being the biggest.

Adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle not only provides vitality but also energizes our bodies. Even if you are new to this lifestyle, it won’t be long before you hear something about the importance of doing several things like eating, sleeping and working – at roughly the same time each day.

An appropriate Ayurvedic lifestyle is one of the most nurturing things and one could do for themselves. It is at the same time very grounding and bring us close to nature. It is important to have a concept of a daily routine. Every individual is different so every person can have their adaptations. Despite this fact, a general template can and should be adapted to meet the need of each individual’s constitution and current state of balance. The beauty of an Ayurvedic lifestyle can dramatically improve your life.

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