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Muscular Dystrophy Treatment in Ayurveda

Muscular dystrophies are a set of hereditary illnesses distinguished by the progressive degeneration and weakness of the skeletal or voluntary muscles that regulate movement.

The decrease in muscle function does not take a single, set form. While some patients may experience trouble breathing as the initial sign of muscle atrophy, others may experience difficulties walking and other hands- and foot movements. There will be a loss of functionality along with the increasing loss of muscles.

This condition is classified by Ayurveda as Mamsavatakshaya, which is an impairment of Mamsagni (muscle enzyme). Unbalanced Vata is involved, which leads to the degradation of the muscles and tissues that are associated with it.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Muscular Dystrophy

Birla Healthcare Ayurveda provides effective muscular dystrophy treatment in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic management of muscular dystrophy treatment will entail confirming adequate nutrition to the muscle tissue and precisely the fire component associated with the muscular tissue of the body. By ensuring adequate nutrition to the whole body and the muscles, in particular, all of the body’s joints will remain strong and have a good range of motion.

Strong evidence of significant benefit for children and adults with neuro-muscular impairment and muscular dystrophies is provided by the Ayurvedic technique of holistic treatment, including scientifically tested herbs, food, and yoga support. Ayurvedic medications increase Agni, a vital component necessary for cellular protein synthesis, which slows down the breakdown of muscles.

Ayurveda Management of Muscular Dystrophy

Several therapeutic approaches are used in muscular dystrophy treatment in Ayurveda to alleviate muscle weakness. Ayurveda has shown to be and continues to be one of the most successful therapy modalities for the best recovery from the condition of muscular dystrophy.

We provide great Panchakarma therapies, certain oral drugs, and yogic support at Birla Healthcare Ayurveda. Meditation, Pranayama, yoga, exercise, dietary changes, and other therapies are also available.

  • Abhyanga

If you know anything about Ayurveda, you’ll know that it’s built on a system of three Doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. To determine your specific body type, visit an Ayurvedic clinic.

In Abhyanga, we warm up oil filled with herbs that is appropriate to your Dosha and massage it all over your body, from your toes to your scalp. It’s a lavish, adoring, and incredibly nurturing massage.

Abhyanga’s ability to lessen age-related changes, increase energy, and reduce muscle stiffness is just a few of the ways it may be beneficial for patients with muscular dystrophy.

Regular Abhyanga will also help you strengthen your mind-body connection, which is important when your muscles degenerate and you begin to feel disconnected from your entire body.

  • Sashtika Shali Pinda Sweda

This massage, which also goes by the name Navarakizhi, causes the recipient to perspire and is administered by an Ayurvedic clinic to the patient to treat pain and stiffness and strengthen their muscles. All of these are typical for people with muscular dystrophy.

The massage therapy uses milk, a special kind of rice called Shashtika Shali, as well as medicinal plants.

  • Panchakarma-Vasti

The fundamental Ayurvedic system for healing and purification, Panchakarma, uses five procedures (Panch means five in Sanskrit).

The five are emesis therapy, or vomiting, purgation (by using a laxative), herbal mixture enema therapy, oil enema therapy, and inhaling therapeutic oil through the nose.

Vasti is an enema therapy that helps with constipation, kidney stones, backaches, sciatica, and other joint ailments by introducing a herbal combination into the rectum. Patients with dystrophy benefit greatly from it because it can significantly lessen the muscular pain associated with their condition.

  • Rasayana

Rasayana, which literally translates to “the path of essence” (Rasa), is especially beneficial for those who are exhausted, depleted, or unwell. It works wonders for reviving energy and revitalising the mind, body, and spirit. The blood, immune system, and physiological tissues are supported and nourished using a combination of herbs, tonics, special diets, and special mental and physical practices.

The body gets energised and the lifespan is extended by doing this. Instead of just treating any possible diseases that might be present in the body, it strives to bring the body into equilibrium. It’s a holistic approach that, if used in an ayurvedic clinic, will yield excellent benefits for you.


Muscular Dystrophy Treatment in Ayurveda Herbs
Muscular Dystrophy Treatment in Ayurveda Herbs

Without a list of these herbs, natural treatment for muscular dystrophy would fall short. ASAP include them in your regular routine.

  • Ashwagandha: It is a traditional Ayurvedic herb with several advantages. Being an adaptogen, it can improve how well your body handles stress. It benefits dystrophy patients since it also boosts muscular build and strength.
  • Guduchi: Another name for this herb is Giloy, which translates to Amrita or nectar. It promotes blood circulation, increases immunity, treats auto-immune diseases, delays ageing, treats joint problems, and preserves metabolic health.
  • Guggulu: This plant purifies the blood in a natural way. Additionally, it helps to treat inflammatory conditions and detoxifies the body. Most notably, it aids in the treatment of muscle inflammation, stiffness, and cramping.
  • Gokshura: It is a fairly well-known plant that is used to raise testosterone levels in men to increase libido. Improved testosterone levels contribute to increased strength and muscle growth in the body.
  • Triphala: Three distinct herbs, all fruits from India, are used in this herbal remedy. It contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral properties and is extremely strong in antioxidants. The immune system is also strengthened by it.

Natural Treatment for Muscular Dystrophy

Natural treatment may not be the first thing that springs to mind if you have muscular dystrophy. But muscular dystrophy treatment in Ayurveda is definitely a course of treatment to consider.

Today, use Ayurveda and its balancing principles! Please schedule a consultation with us if you’d like to learn more about how Ayurveda might help you treat your ailments.

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