Anti Cough Kit

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Pick Healthy and Herbal, Pick Anti Cough Kit

Overview :
Anti cough kit helps to boost immunity and has antiseptic and analgesic properties.

Benefits of Anti Cough Kit



  • It clears respiratory passages.
  • It enhances energy.
  • It purifies the blood and eliminates toxins.
  • It normalizes blood pressure.
  • It is good for cholesterol.
  • It improves complexion.
  • It may help improve alertness and concentration.

Amalki: It is indicated in Ayurveda treatment of mainly Vata and pitta imbalance.
It has rejuvenating property, anti-oxidant effects, and acts as an immunomodulator
It prevents premature aging of the skin and body.
Used for anemia, menorrhagia, leucorrhea, chronic fever, etc.

Vaashaarishtam: In Asthma it reduces wheezing, breathing trouble, and chest congestion Cough (with thick yellowish sputum or fever)Upper respiratory infections Common cold (with thick yellowish discharge)

Direction of Use :
As directed by your physician.

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Anti Cough Kit Ingredients:
Chawanprasam + Amalki + Vaashaarishtam

2 reviews for Anti Cough Kit

  1. Shrutika

    good for purification of blood and cough

  2. Taha Sayyed

    helps to improve concentration

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