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Ayurveda Potli

(4 customer reviews)

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Weight : 150gm

Overview :
Podikizhi is very effective for joint pain and swellings associated with the increased Kapha.

Benefits of Ayurveda Potli 


  • Podikizhi is effective in curing arthritis, paralysis, neuromuscular diseases, insomnia problems, and stimulates the nervous system.
  • Ayurveda Potli is filled with herbal ingredients having healing & soothing properties.
  • Potli is used in Podikizhi which is one of the most common and effective Ayurvedic therapy.
  • Helpful for myosceletic problems, backaches, joint aches, shoulder aches.
  • It revives the cells of the skin and offers glow and vitality.

Direction of Use :
Roots and barks of medicinal plants in powdered form are tied in a sterile piece of cloth into a bolus. The herbs are selected on the basis of the ailment being treated. The herbal powders are first placed in a sterile bowl and fried in different herbal oils depending on the kind of treatment, and then tied into the bolus. Several of these boluses are formed.

In the next step, a pan with oil is heated on the stove on low heat. The bolus is heated or dipped in hot oil, and then rubbed on the affected part of the body to begin the treatment process. It is also applied without oil if dry heat is necessary.

When the temperature of the bolus starts to drop, a new bolus is used to continue with the treatment. The key is to ensure that the bolus is hot enough throughout the process. Fomentation takes effect when the patient begins to feel sweaty and light.

The treatment helps in reducing tenderness, heaviness, stiffness, pain, or inflammation of the joints or other body parts. This is accomplished by improving blood circulation, releasing trapped nerves, enhancing joint movements, and reducing swelling.

Caution :
Keep away from direct contact with the sunlight.

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Ayurveda Potli Ingredients :
Bala, Devadaru, Guduchi, Kulatha, Kumarisara, Karpurah, Masha, Puchkaramoola, Rasa, Satapuspa, Shunti.

Additional information

Weight 150 kg

150 GM

4 reviews for Ayurveda Potli

  1. Mugdha Phdanis

    trust me this potli works wonders for all your body pain.
    it will give you so much relief I cannot explain

  2. Kashyap Tarun

    good for pain relief

  3. Milind Gamre

    If you are 50+ and have joint pain , then i will really suggest all the youngsters to take it for their parents , because my mother was having arthritis and joint pain from 7-8 years, but then i found a article on this site and read that it will reduce the joint pain. so i immediately took this potli and started the treatment. i also took her to their therapy centers and booked her potli massage and arthritis treatment. she did her therapy for 6 months regularly, now she can walk without using any support and do all her work without any help. I would like to thank you for all the doctors, the massage therapy women who did the massage of my mom for 6 months and the whole birla ayurveda team. I will continue to shop all ayurvedic products in future only from birla ayurveda.

  4. Hemant Patel

    My wife had joint pain at the age of 35, we tried kerala ayurveda’s treatment for 2 months but did not get the desired results.
    But my family member told me about birla ayurveda and the therapies they give to treat the pain. So we thought to give it a try and after taking the necessary therapies and treatments for 4 months , her joint pain is no more now. Would really suggest birla ayurveda to all.!!

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