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Gandharvahasthadi Eranda Tailam

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Weight: 100ml

Оverview :
It is a harmless laxative that loosens stools and increases bowel movements. They are used for the prevention of constipation, helps eliminates abdominal bloating, pain, and ascites.

Dosage :
Take 15 to 20 ml or as advised by the physician.

Саutiоn :
Stоre in а сооl аnd dry рlасe, аwаy frоm sunlight. Keeр it аwаy frоm сhildren.

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Gandharvahasthadi Eranda Tailam Ingredients :

Citrakah, Dusparsa, Erandahthel, Haritaki, Mrdukunchika, Musali Punarnava, Sunthi, Susavi

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100 ML


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