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5 Benefits Of Fitkari (Alum)

Alum, sometimes referred to as fitkari, is a medical ingredient that has many benefits for both health and way of life. Many of us must have seen our grandfathers using an alum block to create shaving lather. In any case, there were readily available substitutes for shaving cream at the time, such as alum or fitkari. This left the skin moisturised after shaving and was inexpensive as well as natural. Because of its antibacterial properties, it shields the skin against infection after a razor cut. Ayurveda claims that alum has amazing medical advantages even though just a small percentage of grandpas and men still take it. This sparkling material has various positive effects on the skin and overall wellness.

Let’s look at the 5 Benefits of Fitkari (Alum)

Ayurveda has acknowledged the medicinal benefits of alum

. We’ve included a few of them down below.

Teeth Yellowing

Do you struggle with tooth whitening? If the answer is yes, alum is the remedy for your problem.

  • For this, you need to put alum in a glass of water and let it sit for a while.
  • Once the alum has completely dissolved, rinse your mouth with water.
  • The use of this method on a regular basis can help to lessen tooth fading. You might also try the coconut oil-pulling method for the same purpose.
  • Warm water should be dissolved with one gramme of alum and a dash of rock salt before using the solution to rinse the mouth.

Smelly Feet

Do your feet still smell after wearing shoes all day, even with new socks on? If so, the solution is to soak your feet in water containing alum.

  • Put a little block of alum in a bucket.
  • After the alum has dissolved in the water, soak the feet for five to fifteen minutes.
  • By doing this, you could fast get rid of the unpleasant stench.

Infection after Injury

Infection risk increases if you get hurt while shaving or for any other cause. However, you can avoid this illness if you have an alum. 

  • Apply alum water to the injured limb to clean it.
  • If there is bleeding as a result of an injury, grind some alum and apply it there.
  • The soreness will go away and the bleeding will cease if you do this.

Wrinkle reduction

If you’ve been worried about the wrinkles on your face and are tired of using expensive cosmetics, alum water can be very beneficial for you. 

  • To do this, soak a piece of alum in water, then pat your face with the resulting solution.
  • After doing this for a while, wash your face with clean water to see fantastic effects. 
  • Try it on the wrinkling on your neck as well.

Problem of cough 

If you suffer from asthma or a prolonged coughing problem, alum is very beneficial to you. 

  • You can consume a honey and alum powder concoction. 
  • In this manner, your cough is relieved and your health is preserved. 

Alum is one of the best therapies for whooping cough, as was previously said. Mucus does not accumulate in the lungs when ash formed from alum is used. The frequent occurrence of vomiting in children with whooping cough can be a major problem.

  • As with heap preparation, the procedure for preparing alum is the same. 
  • One teaspoon of honey and one to two pinches of alum ash should be combined. 
  • Take this combo after a light lunch. Use it twice per day.

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  • Ritu pathak
    Posted 02/04/2024 at 3:03 PM

    U gave the best and useful benefits of alum it helped me and my family a lot

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