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5 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Diarrhoea

This health condition is called as atisara in Ayurveda. Diarrhoea may be caused by meals that are incompatible with your Prakriti or with seasonal changes, meals that are consumed in excess of any particular quality, improperly prepared foods, contaminated water or other beverages, etc. Diarrhoea is also attributed in Ayurveda to pollution and mental issues, according to Dr. Mrunal Gole, an ayurvedic physician at Birla Ayurveda. The seven different types of Atisara are Vataja, Pittaja, Kaphaja, Bhayaja (caused by dread), Tridoshaja, Shokaja (caused by grief), and Raktatisara (diarrhoea associated with bleeding).

Common Recipes:

Make sure you are adhering to your doctor’s food advice in order to avoid dehydration while dealing with diarrhoea. The use of home remedies is only an additional measure.

Here are 5 effective

home remedies to treat diarrhoea suggested by Dr Mrunal Gole

Whey and Buttermilk: Whey and buttermilk are recognised as effective diarrhoea remedies. The liquid portion of the curd is called whey, and buttermilk is created by churning the curd after the fat has been removed. Take any one of these at regular intervals in a moderate dose.

Raw Banana: Raw bananas are excellently astringent and commonly advised as a component of a diarrhoea diet. Three pieces of a raw banana should be split up and cooked in a pressure cooker with water to cover them. Any surplus water should be drained. The pulp should be peeled off and then thoroughly mashed. Poppy seeds should be lightly toasted in a skillet until they turn brown, and then they should be ground into a fine powder. The banana mush should also have a splash of salt and this powder. The astringent properties of this recipe reduces diarrhoea. It is both tasty and nutritious.

Pomegranate: The dried peel of pomegranates is a potent remedy for diarrhoea. The frequency of bowel motions is decreased while taking 1 gramme of the fine powder from this rind with buttermilk twice daily.

Ginger & Honey: Take some honey and some ginger that has been finely grated. Wait 10 minutes before consuming any water after that.

Cumin Water: Prepare ground cumin that has been toasted. In a glass of water, mix this with a piece of candy sugar. Additionally, drinking this can assist with diarrhoea.

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