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Shirodhara Treatment

In Ayurvedic treatment, many massage therapies help reduce the stress of everyday life. In Sanskrit, the word Shirodhara is divided into two terms. The words are “shiro” which means head and the word “dhara” which means flow. It is a mechanism that involves the flowing of liquid. A therapist pours liquid usually oil, milk, buttermilk or even eater on the forehead of the person. It is often combined with a body, scalp, and head massage. It is believed that Shirodhara Treatment has some potential benefits. It is said to be relaxing, soothing and has calming effects on the body and mind. 

Some researchers suggest that Shirodhara Treatment helps in improving the quality of sleep of a person. It helps in managing insomnia. It lessens the anxiety, especially when combined with yoga. It also reduces stress. It is advised to get this treatment from a professional who’s been trained in Ayurvedic practices. The process begins with you lying on your back and relaxing. The practitioner will next heat the liquid so it roughly matches your body temperature and will place it in a bowl. They may hold the bowl over your head or use a stand. Either way, the liquid will gently drip through a small hole in the bottom of the bowl, landing between your eyebrows. Your eyes will be covered with a lightweight barrier for protection. The whole process generally lasts anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes. It might involve a massage before or after the treatment.

When it comes to choosing a liquid, preferences vary across practitioners. Others might use different liquids for different effects. Sesame oil is widely used because it’s relatively neutral oil and mixes well with essential oils, which are sometimes used to enhance the experience. Other oils that might be used include are sesame oil, coconut oil, ksheerabala oil, mahanarayan oil or clarified butter. On the other hand, some practitioners may also opt for water, coconut water, animal milk and buttermilk. In addition to essential oils, practitioners might also add a variety of Ayurvedic herbs. Another thing to keep in mind is to tell your practitioner about any allergies or skin sensitivities you have before the appointment.

Shirodhara is quite a safe therapeutic process

. The main risks involve the liquid being too hot or getting into your eyes, which shouldn’t be an issue with an experienced practitioner. If you have extra-sensitive skin, you might also want to ask about doing a patch test with the liquid first, just to make sure it won’t cause any irritation. Always dilute essential oils in carrier oil. If you have any cuts or open wounds, especially on your face, it’s best to hold off on trying Shirodhara until they heal.

If you’re looking for a way to relax or are interested in trying out Ayurvedic medicine, Shirodhara is a great, low-risk option to consider. This treatment not only rejuvenates your skin but also provides relaxation to your muscle. It has many health and skin benefits. It makes you calm your mind and feel refreshed.

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