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Ayurvedic Oil for Back Pain

Chronic backache, once associated with the elderly, has now become a problem for the younger generation as well. Some of the root causes are perennial bad posture, both while sitting for long hours at the workplace as well as wrong sleeping positions. Rather than seeking over-the-counter pain relievers, chronic backache needs to be addressed much more holistically and at a deeper level. Therein lays the role of Ayurveda and related herbs to help you tackle this condition. 

Ayurvedic oil for back pain can cure your problem with the roots. Ayurveda refers to backache as Kati shoola or Kati graham. This means an imbalance of Vata dosha. This affects the tissues of muscles, bone and marrow. The seat of the Vata dosha is the pelvic region.

Ayurvedic oil for back pain, include organic ingredients that give relief from chronic back pain

. Some of these are:

  •  Mahanarayan oil: It possesses analgesic and rejuvenating features, and seeps deep within the affected areas’ skin to improve blood flow, shed toxins, and provide relief from muscle soreness.
  •  Dhanwantharam oil: It eliminates toxins from the body and improves blood circulation, while also removing numbness in the back muscles.
  •  Ashwagandha oil: It provides nourishment to the entire muscular system, and tackles the pain of the nerves and muscles, while also reducing muscle spasms.
  •  Vatasamanathailam: It is made of a mixture of garlic, neem and sesame oil, and shatapushpa (saunf or fennel seeds). It provides warmth to muscles and reduces stiffness and associated pain.
  •  Karpooradi oil: The primary ingredient in this oil is tree camphor, considered to be great at muscle healing. It boosts blood flow and helps to get rid of numbness; thereby relieving back muscle pain and stiffness.

Certain Ayurvedic herbs such as Guggulu, Nirgundi, Shallaki, Chingati Satva, Haridra, and ginger are also used to cure back pain. A few other herbs and formulations like gokshura, maharasnadi kwath, panchsakar churna, rasnapanchakam kwath, and dhanwantaram kwath, are also used in Ayurveda for back pain. Herbs that especially focus on reducing muscle and tissue inflammation include Curcuma longa (turmeric rhizome), harpagophytum procumbens (popularly called the devil’s claw, a flowering plant of the sesame family), glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice rhizome), and European goldenrod (solidago virgaurea).


If you are looking for a more long-lasting, natural and safe cure for chronic backache, Ayurvedic herbs are undoubtedly beneficial. The holistic concept of Ayurveda effectively addresses and provides relief from back pain, so chances of recurrence are minimal. Ayurvedic oil for back pain not only soothes your back but also calms your mind. 

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