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Birla Ayurveda at the Powai Durgotsav Festival

Birla Healthcare Ayurveda is a brand that specializes in the therapy of Kerala. We offer authentic wellness therapies from certified doctors and curative treatments for diseases like arthritis, obesity, spondylosis, skin problems, digestive issues, and many more. Birla Ayurveda offers you the gift of holistic health through Authentic Ayurveda. 

Additionally, we offer exclusive Ayurveda wellness membership plans that include preventive and wellness treatments to help you live a holistic lifestyle and ward off conditions like diabetes, obesity, stress, and hair and skin problems.

Every year, the Powai Bengali Welfare Association organises a Durgotsav event in which Birla Ayurveda participates as a brand and installs a stall. The motive is to share a glimpse of our services and spread the knowledge and goodness of Ayurveda. This year, we introduced our new service, which is the Kansa Thali Foot Massage. Its benefits include:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety 
  • Promotes sleep and cures insomnia 
  • Helps to detoxify the internal organs 
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Heals cracked feet 
  • Balance the “Doshas“( Vata, Pitta, & Kapha)
  • Restores and balances the body’s inner energy 

In the whole 5 days, more than 500 people benefitted from our Kansa Thali foot massage. Birla Ayurveda, at the

Powai Durgotsav festival

, had put up a stall with all of our products and medicines as well as provided doctor’s consultation, a manual foot massage from our blind therapist Mr Baapu and two more therapists, both female and male and Kansa thali foot massage. 

One of our special offers for Durga Puja included huge discounts on our massage therapies like Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Foot massage, Leech therapy, and many more. These vouchers can be availed at any of our centres including two of our Powai centres which are in Eden Bungalows and Forest Club. Additionally, Mr Yash Birla, the Chairman of the Yash Birla Group, also visited our stall on one of the days of the Durga Puja

Birla Ayurveda at the Powai Durga festival had a blast, and it is indeed one of the biggest events for us. Thank you to everyone who visited our stall and availed of our services.

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