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Celebrate Holi with Birla Ayurveda – Free Face pack or Hair pack

Holi is a chance to connect with the colors of delight. It is an ideal opportunity to adore and pardon. The time communicates the joy of being cherished and adored through colors.”

Free face pack or Hair pack on getting any therapies and treatments only at Birla Ayurveda.

Enjoy the joy of colors with us.

The enthusiastic environment of colors and water changes the surrounding with happiness. But have you ever thought holi colors can be an open gate for the skin to affect badly? Skin is a sensitive area where the colors attack as the bacteria that spoils the condition of the skin and also results in dry skin.

It is a hustle and bustle situation post-Holi celebration- a celebration to remove the color from the skin. Some patches of colors are stuck to the skin that is harder to pull off. In this case, some therapy or various natural methods helps in the procedure of removing the color.

The best solution to such problematic circumstances is Ayurveda therapy.

At Birla Ayurveda, you will find various yet lavish Ayurveda therapies, which result in the pure formation of the skin as well as moisturized skin. The therapists allotted at our centers are classified with official practice in Ayurveda. They are the experts who regulate our body, cell, and skin with proper massage and nourishment.

At our center, we have a wide range of Ayurveda therapies introduced from the Green state of India – Kerala. These therapies are performed by using ingredients that are extracted from nature in the form of powder, paste, or tablets.

A natural way of healing is the best way to lead a natural yet healthy lifestyle. With Birla Ayurveda, you will find a wide range of offers on therapies, treatments, and products. As it is a festival of colors, joy, and nourishment of the skin, Birla Ayurveda offers all the welcoming customers at our center a free face pack or hair pack.

The redemption of the offer is valid with specifically Ayurveda treatments and Therapies. One can opt for the offer online as well as at our center. Customers can book any therapy or treatment on our website and redeem the offer at the center of getting a free face pack or hair pack.

In the offline zone, customers can directly visit our centers, take the therapy or specific treatments, and can get the product of their choice at the reception desk.

Rejuvenate your skin as well as your festival by nurturing yourself with Birla Ayurveda!

Holi is celebrated happily all over India with extraordinary pomp and vigor. The celebration of colors likewise reports the revival through spring; the finish of colder days and the start of hotter days.

The most intriguing part of this celebration is the perky tossing of colors therapeutic powders everywhere in the city and over one another. The powders are generally made from Ayurveda spices like Neem and Henna for Green, Kumkum and Raktachandan for Red, Haldi for Yellow, Jacaranda blossoms for Blue, and a ton of other superb spices like Bilva and Yellow Chrysanthemums. Each of these powders has a Kapha-lessening property and the ability to detox the skin or to assist the skin with disposing of its poisons.


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