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Personal Care Products By Mr. Ashish Thakur (CEO, Birla Ayurveda)

Mr. Ashish Thakur (CEO, Birla Ayurveda)

  1. Why do you think the market for ayurvedic personal care products and treatments is growing?

Today people are becoming more and more cautious about the ingredients used in the products.

There has been a serious inclination of the public towards using natural herbs as far as health is concerned

People these days prefer using more natural, less chemical versions of any product used internally or externally.

  1. Can you provide statistics and quantifiable data supporting your previous answer?

A “Green Beauty Barometer” survey, which was conducted online in June among over 1,000 U.S. women aged 18 years old and older, revealed nearly six in ten U.S. adult women (59%) read beauty product ingredient labels prior to purchase, while nearly 40% intend to increase their spend for all-natural beauty products.

Of those surveyed, 54% of women claimed it is important their skincare product purchases are all-natural.-(source-online)

  1. What is the primary appeal of ayurvedic personal care products and treatments based on ancient knowledge over the mass-produced industrial ones?

The main thing is that the ingredients used are natural; herbal most importantly the combination is tried and tested for years.

The best part about using ayurvedic products and treatment range is that they are very much personalized acc to the patient or consumer.

  1. According to you, when did this shift in consumer choice happen? What could be the reason/s for this trend?

In 2005, a media campaign linked ‘parabens’ (which are common cosmetic preservatives) to health issues.

Ten years ago food where the pull for natural was strongest, consumers are now becoming equally mindful about what they are using on their bodies and in their homes as well.

  1. Herbal products are usually eco-friendly as well. Is that a cause for the appeal of these products?

Yes, it is one of the reasons.

  1. Is it a fad or a sustainable lifestyle choice?

A very sustainable choice as it is about one’s health and body.

  1. Is this trend contained within the country or has it reached the international shores?

It has become a global market already.

  1. What does the future of this consumer trend look like to you?

Slowly and steadily the high-end industries are going to turn the natural way.

So the consumer trend is going to be the highest and since the competition in the production will increase it will lead to less expensive natural products.

  1. Feel free to share any data, detail, chart, or infographic that can illustrate your point of view.

Birla Ayurveda working on the same trend hence we have a wide range of herbal tablets and also natural herbal care products.

To list some:

Kumkumadi oil which at power with any anti-aging or night cream

Neem Aloe Vera face wash which is anti-acne and a gentle cleanser

Herbal soaps – papaya, rose, etc which nourish the skin.

Aloe Vera gel works on hair and face as a natural healer.


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