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Pre Covid & Post Covid Therapies

Covid-19 is a pandemic that has affected human living enormously now. Even the most developed countries of the world are not able to keep the needful situations under control. Coronavirus is considered as “Janapado dhawarn Saneeya Vikara” in Ayurveda, which is a holistic system of medicine that has many effective time-tested medicines & treatments.
Today of the lifestyle modification for immune modulation and hence, with the help of concepts of Ayurveda where our ancient Acharaya already described various immunity booster medication & Pre covid & Post Covid therapies like panchakarma procedure, Rasayana, Satmya & yukivriti, Ojas, yoga, pranayama. All will be achieved through good immunity & should face any infectious disease which is also helpful in the current pandemic situation.

Following are the

 therapies to prevent the Covid-19 disease

Panchakarma includes 5 detoxification processes, used to treat diseases as well as to maintain health.
The Panchakarma therapy minimizes the chances of reoccurrence of the diseases & promotes positive healthy by rejuvenating body tissues & bio partition that helps in the detoxification of the body.
After checking the symptoms we can also give Pre covid & Post Covid therapies for the patients who are recovered from covid
Post Covid Therapies
1. Nasyam- Since the pathway of disease in the upper respiratory tract, Nasyam can be beneficial to combat the disease to keep the channel clear for fresh breathing
2. Kashya Graham- Keeping the medicated oil or kasayaya in the mouth keeps the oral cavity clear that strengthens gums & clears the mucus plugs.
3. Swedanm- Sudation can be done by frequent inhalation of steam with the addition of bronchodilation drugs, this procedure keeps to clear the airways & aids smooth respiration.
4. Dhupana- Immunization can be done by using retreat which the ability to destroy microorganisms, affecting in preventing as well as curative aspects.
5. Abyyangam- Helps rejuvenating of the body & expulsion of toxic waste through the skin.

  • Respiratory Conditions
    Abhyangam + Swedanam
  • Neurological Conditions
    – Shirodhara
    – Basti
    – Kashyadhara

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