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Pregnancy in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is known for its natural power which has no side effects on our body if used in proper instructions. Also making our body strong against any disease. It’s the apathy that is not only curing the illness but maintaining our health in proper shape. In the modern era, our lifestyle is like running behind everything. If we are relaxing physically our mind runs some thoughts bothering us mentally. It’s about every single entity or personality.

When it’s come to pregnancy, the body is carrying another life inside who is unknown of all these factors. There are lots of changes in our body day by day and it’s time to change our lifestyle according to that. We have to serve two lives mother and fetus in a womb.

Ayurveda has explained ‘Regimen for pregnancy’ which is a comprehensive diet plan of classical medical tradition. Which can be modified according to body constitution, age, place, the digestive fire of an individual known as ‘Garbhini paricharya’ The month-wise paricharya described in the Ayurveda helps proper healthy growth and development of the fetus and gives health and care to the mother. Our Ayurveda acharyas know very well that the food, environment, and physical status of the mother affects the fetus.

Ayurveda Home remedies for pregnancy

So, here are some remedies and herbs which are helpful during pregnancy by months, according to the need of the body.

1st month: Sweet and cool(cool naturally not the refrigerator) milk sip by sip is suggested considering the season and liquid diet. In herbs, we can have yastimadhu, raktachandan, ksheerkakoli, devdaru with milk.

2nd month: Along with 1st-month liquids like milk with sweet, coconut water, fruit juices, kanji can be taken. In herbs Nagkeshar with milk, bilwa fruit, pippali is useful.

3rd month: Milk with honey and ghee(not in equal proportion), Sasthishali rice with milk. Herbs we can have are Priyangu, Sariva (Krishna and Shweta), Kush.

4th month: Butter extracted from milk, curd with rice, fruits like Watermelon, Pomegranate, Mango, Apple. In herbs sariva, Rasna, Durva. The decoction of sunth and musta powder, Khus-khus powder.

5th month:  Milk with ghee, rice with milk, meat soup, black gram. The diet increases rakta dhatu and maans dhatu like- chickoo, apple, spinach, beetroot, amla, guava. We can have herbs like Udumbar, Plaksh, Kantkari, Ghanbari.

6th month: Ghee prepared from sweet herb and milk, Yavagu medicated with Gokshur, kanji. Herbs are Prishnaparni, Bala, Gokshur, Shatavari.For complexion Raktachandan, Usheer, Majistha, Durva, Vidarikanda.

7th month: Ghee prepared from sweet herb and milk, Yavagu medicated with Gokshur, kanji. As itching is the major complaint in this month due to stretching of skin we can have the following herbs yastimadhu decoction, musta, and nagkeshar powder. We should avoid salty food along with a large quantity of water. We can do a massage with medicated oil. Almost all foetus parts are developed at this stage so we can have bala, gokshur like herbs as well.

8th month: Yavagu made with milk and ghee. Asthapan vasti followed by Sneha vasti can be also given so that the pregnant woman can get strength and for soft vaginal passage.

9th month: Sneha vasti with medicated oils and applying oil in vagina so that the delivery can be easily done. In this month we can consume herbs like shunthi, devdaru, jyesthmadh.

The above-mentioned diet should be taken after the consultation of an ayurvedic doctor as it changes from person to person. Along with diet, some precautions should be taken which again helps in safe delivery.

  • Sitting on the hard and rough surface.
  • Long sitting or walking.
  • Heavy to digest, spicy, and very hot diet.
  • Holding natural urges.
  • Awakening in the night, sleeping in the daytime.
  • Visiting lonely places.
  • Fasting, anger, grief.

For psychological health:

  • Be happy.
  • Perform joyful functions.
  • Perform auspicious deeds
  • Having a positive approach toward life.

All these factors contribute to the full development and delivery of a child with all qualities and health.

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