Ayurveda Immunity Kit

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Herbal Medicines is the nature of boosting energy with Ayurveda Immunity Kit.

Overview :
Birla Ayurveda Immunity Kit helps to Boost Immunity and Purifies the Blood.

Benefits of Ayurveda Immunity Kit


  • Guduchi:
    It is indicated in Ayurveda treatment of tridosha imbalance
    It has rejuvenating, astringent, antiseptic, anti-pyretic, analgesic,
    aphrodisiac, antacid properties.
    Used As a blood purifier, improper absorption, diabetes, gout, arthritis,
    urinary tract disorders help improve mental strength.
  • Ashwagandha:
    It is indicated in Ayurveda treatment of mainly KAPHA and VATA imbalance.
    It has carminative, antihelmintic property, anti-asthmatic, aphrodisiac, sedative, cardiotonic property, etc.
    Used in debilitating diseases, insomnia, arthritis, semen disorders, leucorrhea, skin diseases, etc.
  • Chyavanaprasam:
    • It clears respiratory passages.
    • It enhances energy.
    • It purifies the blood and eliminates toxins.
    • It normalizes blood pressure.
    • It is good for cholesterol.
    • It improves complexion.
    • It may help improve alertness and concentration.

    Directions of Use :
    As directed by your physician.

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Ayurveda Immunity Kit Ingredients:
Guduchi + Ashwagandha + Chyavanaprasam

2 reviews for Ayurveda Immunity Kit

  1. Mihika Lalwani

    It purifies the blood and eliminates toxins.

  2. Rahul

    It is good for cholesterol.

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