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Jatamansi Choorna Tablets

(4 customer reviews)

150.00 112.50

(60 Tablets: 500 mg)

Weight : 50GM

Overview :

Jatamansi is a brain tonic and a memory enhancer, which results in calmness as well as relaxation.

Benefits of Jatamansi


  • Birla Ayurveda Jatamansi Tablets eradicates all the mental health issues like stress, memory loss, anxiety, and depression
  • The primary elements in the tablets enhance one’s mental health with peace and calmness.

Direction of Use :
Twice daily or as directed by physician

Caution :
Keep the bottle tightly closed away from direct sunlight.

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Jatamansi Tablets Ingredients:
Each tablet contains: powder of root of Nardostachys jatamansi

Additional information


50 GM

4 reviews for Jatamansi Choorna Tablets

  1. admin

    Super valuable product

  2. Rupali T

    nice product for infertility issues

  3. Apurva Rane

    Trust me, people, this ayurvedic blend of herbs is the best for treating your skin-related diseases and it will also decrease your fever if you have a high fever. Go grab this magical potion on their website as they have heavy discounts going on all yearly.

  4. Komal Verma

    If you know the Vitagreen brand, I must tell you guys that is not good for fever. My sister used to take those tablets and she had nausea. But fortunately one of my family members suggested Birla Ayurveda’s jjatamansi tablets, and thankfully she is very healthy now. Thanks to the Birla Ayurveda team

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