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Vata Pitta Kapha

Ayurveda is considered one of the oldest healing science. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “The Science of Life.” It stems from the ancient Vedic culture and was taught for many thousands of years in an oral tradition from accomplished masters to their disciples. Ayurveda places great emphasis on prevention and encourages the maintenance of health through close attention to balance in one’s life, right thinking, diet, lifestyle and the use of herbs.

Knowledge of Ayurveda enables one to understand how to create this balance of body, mind and consciousness according to one’s constitution and how to make lifestyle changes to bring about and maintain this balance. Vata Pitta Kapha are the three doshas that have been said to exist because of some imbalance in the body.

Vata Pitta Kapha are the doshas that determine the dysfunction of the body

. They call Vata the “king of doshas” because it governs movement. This one dosha is the one that helps you move your arm, blink an eye, swallow food, and eliminate waste and much more. Without Vata, life in the body would not exist.

Vata is often the first dosha affected by stress; it requires a lot of love and attention to Vata dosha. When the Vata dosha falls out of balance, it is easy to become overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. People who have Vata usually have light bones and muscles, long straight frame; cool skin; cold hands/feet; small, fine features, sometimes irregular features; hard to gain weight, easy to lose; variable digestion; sometimes they’re hungry, sometimes not; eats fast, moves fast, talks fast; light on feet.

Pitta is the transformer. It’s the energy within you that digests food and emotions. It’s through pitta that you perceive what’s happening in your surroundings. For example, you hear a loud sound, and it’s pitta that discerns whether it’s a firework or thunder. 

Pitta is the fiery nature within you that is high-achieving and goal-oriented. Like any fire, we want to make sure your inner fire is strong, yet contained. We don’t want you burning down the kingdom you’ve created over the past few decades. People suffering from Pitta are medium size, frame and musculature; a warm skin. Oily reddish skin, fine oily hair, light-sensitive eyes, intense gaze. Easy to gain weight and easy to lose. Strong appetite and digestion. Steady hormones. Sharp, clear voice; walks with intention. Strong eyesight and good complexion.

Kapha is the protector. It’s the fluid in the joints that prevents that “tin-man” effect or the myelin and sheath in the brain that protects thoughts as the synaptic nerves flair up (Pitta) and move around the brain (Vata). The people who have Kapha are the broad frame, strong bones and muscles, curvy. Physical and mental strength and endurance. Smooth, cool skin; thick, wavy hair; large, bright eyes; full lips. Easy to gain weight, difficult to lose weight. Steady, sometimes slow digestion, okay with just a couple of meals a day. Walks slowly, has a low booming voice, talks leisurely and strong immune system.

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