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Ayurvedic Hair Oil

When it comes to beauty everyone wants to look their best. Be it skin, nails, eyes or hair everyone wants to appear the best. In our hectic lives where everyone is living a job, it is extremely difficult to find time to do all of this. Hair fall is one of the most common problems that start occurring as soon as people hit their thirties. It is hard to find a balanced hair care routine, given the damage that our hair goes through daily due to pollution, chemical treatments and the like. There are many benefits of Ayurvedic oils. 

According to Ayurveda, applying oil to your hair and massaging it regularly boosts the strength and texture of your hair. It also improves your sleep, calms your mind, gives relief from headaches, prevents premature greying of hair etc. Moreover, it’s best if you apply warm oil containing medicinal herbs on your scalp, to get maximum benefits.

Whenever you go out to buy an ayurvedic oil you should know about the ingredients it has. What are the ingredients one should be looking at in an Ayurvedic Hair Oil?  These ingredients are Bhringaraja, Amla, Bibhitaki, Aswagandha and Yashtimadhu. 

Bhringaraja – This key ingredient comes with a unique quality to strengthen the roots of your hair. This herb helps impart colour to your hair, prevent split ends and curb hair fall.

Amla – It strengthens your hair follicles and reduces the irritation and burning sensation of the scalp which occurs due to dryness, infection etc.

Yastimadhu – This herb helps prevent baldness, greying of hair and hair loss as well.


– It is known to pacify your problems like tension, sleeplessness etc. which are some of the reasons for hair loss.

Bibhitaki – It enhances hair growth and reduces the premature greying of hair.

There are many benefits of ayurvedic oils that have certain key ingredients which help stimulate hair growth and prevent major hair-related issues like itchy scalp etc. Ayurvedic oils help you get rid of several hair-related problems like dandruff, dead skin, inflammation etc. Check out the benefits of oils for dandruff to know more. They protect against the harmful effects of the sun, dirt, and pollution, besides preventing greying of your hair. 

They combine with the natural oils of your hair to enhance the strength, volume and lustre of your hair. They act as a replenishing agent for your dry, damaged hair, by restoring its strength and reducing excessive split-ends. They lubricate and condition your scalp, thus fighting dandruff, scalp irritation, dryness etc. Last but not the least, an Ayurvedic oil when massaged well into your scalp, is beneficial in treating sleeplessness. 

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When Is The Best Time To Apply Ayurvedic Hair Oil? It is advisable to apply oil on your scalp at night to increase its benefits for hair growth. It is always better to warm your oil a bit as it helps in better absorption.

If you regularly massage ayurvedic herbs in the form of warmed oils into your scalp and hair, it will stimulate hair growth, condition your hair, and prevent them from damage.

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  • tastani
    Posted 08/11/2022 at 9:38 PM

    thank you for giving information about ayrvrdic hair oils and different ingredients of hair oil.The team at Tastani Foods is solely focused on bringing oils which is real and from nature available to everyone. We have taken up this rather ambitious project of moving every Indian household from the highly processed & packed foods to the real food from nature which our ancestors consumed for thousands of years.

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