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Health Tips For The Holiday Season

A hectic season of the year, the holidays are filled with celebratory feasts, family obligations, and additional enjoyable outings. Maintaining your nutrition and fitness objectives may be challenging as a result of the additional commotion, but it’s not impossible.

After all, the constant repetition of behaviours makes them easier to keep up with than random repetition. However, taking a break over the holidays—or whenever you need a break—to unwind and unwind is very okay. Here are a few

ayurvedic health tips for the holiday season

to support you in keeping your commitment to yourself if your objective is to adhere to the plan you put in place.

Eat Mindfully

You might take pleasure in your meal more if you eat mindfully. Eat more slowly and try to concentrate on the flavour, aroma, and texture of the food. Spending the holiday lunch with loved ones enables you to fully enjoy their company and the present.

Even if you take your time and focus on carefully savouring your meals, it takes some time for your brain to register that you are satisfied. It’s acceptable to wait a short while between helpings so you can more accurately gauge what your body needs. It just takes ten minutes to get a sense of how hungry (or full!) you are. Ayurveda suggests paying attention to the natural cues your body will provide you!

Prepare Nutrient-Dense Dishes

Bring or make wholesome items to share as an easy method to control your eating habits. Vitamins and minerals will be provided via high-volume, nutrient-dense foods, which will also make you feel satisfied.

Prioritize Sleep

Ayurveda says when it comes to keeping up the rest of your healthy habits, sleep is crucial. Lack of sleep makes it harder to make sensible decisions and harms your ability to be active and make other decisions.

Even over the holidays, the National Sleep Foundation advises obtaining 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. By doing this, you’ll be able to manage your stress and maintain your overall health.

Take Time to De-Stress

The holidays may be stressful, let’s face it. It is not selfish to give yourself some alone time. When you are not stressed out, you will probably be able to treat yourself and others better and make more logical decisions. Exercise, meditation, a warm bath, or a walk are all good options. You can also practise a few Pranayama techniques to de-clutter your mind.

It is normal to let people know when you need some alone time. Describe how you will feel much better once you have had some time to unwind, and then offer to join in on a social activity when you do.

Remember, It’s Not All or Nothing

Perceiving fitness and health goals as all-or-nothing propositions is a common problem. Avoid the pitfall of thinking that if you didn’t follow your game plan exactly, you failed. When this occurs, you can decide to completely abandon your aspirations and subsequently come to regret that choice.

A more positive outlook emphasises long-term, sustainable health. Making modifications as needed for the seasons (and holidays!) does not imply perfection. You can try your best to follow these health tips for the holiday season suggested by Ayurveda. But also remember that sometimes it is okay to let loose and enjoy yourself for a while. 

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