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Management of Nidranash with Shirodhara

Compiled by Dr. Rekha


Sleep restores energy to the body and provides relaxation to the nervous system. Insomnia is the inability to sleep in the absence of external impediments, such as noise, bright light, etc. During the period when sleep should normally occur. Ayurveda described sleep among the three pillars of life. Charak mentioned Anidra in 80 vatavikar.


The present era is full of competition, everyone is struggling for existence so man is working hard day and night without taking adequate sleep.
Dietary consumption of food that is dry in nature, excessive exercise and fasting, fear, anxiety, sorrow, greed, mental harassment, weakness, accident, injury, old age.


Yawning, body ache, lethargy, headache, giddiness, indigestion.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Sleep is one of the basic instincts of life. Health and longevity are conquered by proper sleep .insomnia is affecting a person’s personal, social behavior, including occupational life.

1) Various measures provided in Ayurveda can certainly help to overcome the situation. It directs the rectification of diet, certain procedures in routine like Shirodhara, shiroabhyangam, padkalpam, abhyangam.
2) Avoiding causative factors is a must to tackle the condition more precisely with the administration of herbs.

Some Other Measures –

1) Procedures like Bath, pleasant music, keeping the mind calm and happy
2) Maintenance of regular time for going to bed
3) Not advised for smoking, alcohol, coffee, tea, at night time before going to bed
4) Must be devoid of thoughts, tensions before going to bed
5) Advised to hear soft music also induces sleep
6) 5-10 mints meditation before sleep
7) Day sleep should be prohibited


Shirodhara is the specific method of treatment that directly acts on the central nervous system, which includes continuous pouring of medicated liquid on the forehead. In Shirodhara particular pressure and vibration is created over the forehead. This vibration is transmitted inwards and activates the function of the thalamus. Shirodhara stimulates the pineal gland which produces the hormone melatonin which in turn regulates the wake and sleep cycle of the body.

From Ayurveda’s point of view, Shirodhara reduces vata and warm oil directly falls on aagyachakra which is the point of concentration of nerves in the body. It relieves tension, dispels worries, reduces anxiety, calms fear, renews the nervous system. This helps in inducing sleep.

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