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Paediatric Treatments at Birla Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the most effective alternatives to contemporary allopathic treatment. Ayurvedic medicine’s purity and safety are ensured by the use of plants and herbs in its formulation. Ayurveda is a special technique to prevent diseases and support the development of a stronger immune system in children thanks to thousands of years of research and development.

Allopathic medications are widely used and easily accessible. Ayurvedic remedies, on the other hand, are herbal, harmless, and natural. Children who receive therapy with ayurvedic drugs benefit from stronger immune systems as well as improved resistance to common illnesses including colic, the flu, nausea, and vomiting, among others. For children’s fundamental development, ayurvedic baby oil massages and ayurveda products like Chavanprash are good solutions.

Ayurveda for Children

Birla Ayurveda is dedicated to treating common ailments in children and newborns. Ayurvedic remedies are made to be effective for children. It covers the care of newborns, the prevention of common diseases, the maintenance of healthy internal organs, and the efficient operation of the mind and body.

There are no adverse effects from using ayurvedic medications. They are, therefore, simple to use and secure for kids of all ages. The study of Ayurvedic medicine is largely based on symptoms and potential side effects. However, the majority of paediatric ailments can be treated using secure herbs and substances.

Paediatric Treatments

at Birla Ayurveda – Here are some of the common problems faced by children and their suggested ayurvedic treatment:

Colic and Constipation

The majority of children have colic and constipation in their early years of life. Parents can relieve the discomfort of their newborns and toddlers with Ayurvedic ingredient mixes. Your child’s colic and constipation cure must be discussed with your Ayurvedic doctor, though.

Cold and Flu

Children are an easy target for colds and flu regularly each year due to the change in season and rising levels of humidity in the air. Ayurveda generally aids children in gradually building a strong immune system. However, ginger tea and tulsi tea are natural cures you might try if your child has the flu or a cold. Honey can be added for flavour and sweetness if your child objects to the taste. However, you must speak with an ayurvedic doctor before using this technique.

Medicines from the Ayurvedic tradition are risk-free and have no adverse effects. They should only be consumed in the recommended dosage and following consultation with an ayurvedic doctor. A child’s lifestyle is influenced by his daily schedule. Ayurveda analyses a child’s pattern to treat any potential illnesses. Parents must realise that fostering healthy behaviours in children enables them to enjoy long, disease-free lives. Children require greater care, more hygienic conditions, more sleep time, and wholesome, well-balanced food. Allow your children to play as much as they want for bone and brain growth.

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