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Joint Pain Kit

(3 customer reviews)

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Overview :
Joint Pain kit help in joint Problems, arthritis & rheumatoid. It also supports a system to remove fluids and toxins. The kit contains Novajoint, Raasnaerandaadi Kashaayam, and Punarnava Tablets.

Benefits of Joint Pain Kit


  • Novajoint :
    Joint problems, Muscle Pain, Arthritis, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic properties
  • Raasnaerandaadi Kashaayam :
    Arthritis with swelling, lower back pain, respiratory disorders
  • Punarnava :
    It has diuretic, anti anemic, aphrodisiac, diaphoretic, antipyretic, cardiotonic, hypertensive properties Used in edema, toxicity, bleeding disorders, ascites, menorrhagia, anemia, asthma, cataract, hepatomegaly, general debility

Direction of Use :
As directed by your physician.

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Joint Pain Kit Includes :
Novajoint + Raasnaerandaadi Kashaayam + Punarnava Tablets

3 reviews for Joint Pain Kit

  1. Girish Deshpande

    Me he joint kit majhya aai sathi ghetla hota karan tila 4-5 varsha pasun khup traas hota knees cha, ani jevha mala he kit majhya eka mitrane suggest kela, me he kup vichar karun mg ghetla.
    Ani kahi 4-5 months nantar majhya aai cha traas khup jast kami jhala ahe. Ti ata khali basu shakte, chalat jau shakte. Birla Ayurveda che he kit me khup lokana use karayla sangen

  2. Nita Lobo

    Awesome kit for joint pain and arthritis

  3. Vaishali Shenoy

    I used this kit for the treatment of my husband’s arthritis problem and was really impressed by the results in almost 2 months. I really thank Birla Ayurveda doctors for making such a wonderful kit because my husband has really improved a lot. I ordered these 4 kits at 25% discount from thee website

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