Joint Pain Kit


Overview :
Pain kit help in Joint Problems, Arthritis & Rheumatoid. It also supports a system to remove fluids and toxins.

Benefits of Joint Pain Kit


  • Novajoint:
    Joint problems, Muscle Pain, Arthritis, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic properties
  • Rasnaerandadi :
    Arthritis with swelling, lower back pain, respiratory disorders
  • Punarnava:
    It has diuretic, anti anemic, aphrodisiac, diaphoretic, anti pyretic, cardio tonic, hypertensive properties
    Used in edema, toxicity, bleeding disorders, ascites, menorrhagia, anemia, asthma, cataract, hepatomegaly, general debility

Direction of Use :
As directed by your physician.

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Joint Pain Kit Ingredients:
Novajoint + Rasnaerandadi Kashyam + Punarnava Choorna Tablets


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