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Sinusitis doesn’t have to mean surgery

Prepared by Dr. Sreedevi, MD, BAMS

Sinusitis Is Your Sinus Bothering You? – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Home Remedy…

The Sinuses or Paranasal sinuses are air-filled spaces in the skull. They are located behind the forehead, nasal bones, cheeks, and eyes.

Inflammation of Paranasal sinuses is called Sinusitis (Rhinosinusitis). It can also be defined as inflammation of the mucus membrane that lines the Para nasal sinuses. Usually, sinuses are filled with air, but when it is infected with bacteria, viruses, etc, it is blocked with mucus or germs and it will ultimately lead to Sinusitis.

In Ayurveda, it can be correlated to Dhushtaprathisyaya.


  • Infections like bacterial, viral, etc
  • It may be due to allergies
  • Changes in climate
  • Structural abnormalities like DNS, small sinus Ostia
  • Smoking
  • Dental diseases
  • Sudden temperature changes
  • Changes in Food habit
  • Intake of unwholesome foods
  • Unwholesome regimen
Signs And Symptoms:-
  • Headache
  • Nasal obstruction
  • Inflammatory swelling over the face.
  • Discolored nasal discharge.
  • Loss of smell.
  • Fever
  • Bad breath
  • Sore throat
  • Tooth Ache
Acute cases:

In acute stages avoid taila Nasya instead use swedam, lepa, etc.
Acute cases can be treated with internal medicines, steam inhalation, and hot fomentation over the painful parts of the face, etc.
The already inflamed sinus glands may sometimes worsen due to certain triggers, leading to headache, body pain, fever, tiredness, and respiratory problems. In such a situation, the patient should be allowed to take complete rest.

Chronic Cases:

Sinusitis, unlike other health problems, requires long-term treatment for a complete cure. Hence, improving the natural defense mechanism of sinuses, and boosting general health and immunity are the prime requirements for long-term relief from sinusitis. Nasya, massaging with appropriate oil, medicated steam inhalation, and special gargling solutions are some treatment methods adopted by ayurvedic physicians.

Can be treated with internal medicines and shodhana therapy or Panchakarma Therapy.

  • Shodhana Nasya
  • Dhumapana

Rasayana Treatment

One of the main aims of the treatment is to reduce the frequency of onset of sinusitis. Rasayana treatment can help prevent a recurrence. The appropriate medicine will be used for the treatment, for a certain duration. It helps reduce the frequency of disease onset and prevents recurrence in the long term.

Diet and Lifestyle
  • Avoid cold, oily, heavy foods and use light foods
  • Head bath with cold water should be avoided
  • Use Rasnadi churna after head bath- on the vertex of the head
  • Avoid ice creams and cold beverages
  • Regular use of Nasya
  • Use steam inhalation twice daily
  • Regular practice of yoga and pranayama
  • Avoid exposure to cold, wind, rain, swimming, etc
Home Remedy
  • Steam inhalation with tulsi leaves – daily
  • Ginger juice half spoon with honey one spoon – 3-4 times daily

Adopting the right treatment method, together with necessary lifestyle modification, can help in curing Sinusitis completely. Ayurveda guides you through the right path for a complete cure of the condition.

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