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Tinnitus Treatment in Ayurveda

Tinnitus is a condition in which one experiences ringing or some kind of noise in one or sometimes both ears

. This ringing or buzzing noise in the ears may be constant or might come and go. It is often associated with hearing loss. The source of these noises is internal as no one else can hear it apart from you. 15-20% of the global population suffer from this disorder. Tinnitus Treatment in Ayurveda is a widely accepted approach. It promises an effective and natural cure.

What is Tinnitus? What is its cause? Tinnitus is the medical term for the buzzing or ringing noise one hears in the ears. People report different kinds of sounds that vary from ringing to roaring, buzzing, whistling and hissing. It is a frustrating experience to have tinnitus. Sometimes, it interferes with the real sounds around the patient. In a long term, it may have adverse psychological effects on the patient and result in stress, anxiety, or depression. Tinnitus can affect people of all ages; however, it is a common occurrence in old age people. Tinnitus is not a disease condition, but a symptom of another underlying pathology like age-related hearing loss, ear injury, circulatory system disorders, and neurological conditions.

There are many types of Tinnitus. Tinnitus can either be subjective or objective. A person suffers from objective tinnitus when the patient, as well as others around him, hear. The causes of Tinnitus are much damage to the middle or inner ear is the most common cause of Tinnitus. Exposure to loud sounds, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, head and neck injuries, neck and brain tumours, muscle spasm in the inner ear, and age-related hearing loss.

Tinnitus Treatment in Ayurveda is the solution that most people look forward to. Large doses of medicines like aspirin, anti-malarial drugs, certain antibiotics, and some anti-cancer drugs can cause tinnitus. Over-accumulation of earwax, sometimes, also interferes with normal hearing. It is categorised as tinnitus. Symptoms of Tinnitus include ringing sound in the ear, feeling giddiness, disturbed sleep and irritability.

According to Ayurveda, Vata aggravation is the leading cause of Tinnitus, which generates sound in the ear cavities. Therefore, the Tinnitus treatment in Ayurveda focuses on normalizing Vata Dosha. Ayurveda therapies like Karna poorna or warm medicated oil ear drops, Kaval and Gandusha or oil gargling and withholding in mouth, Abhyanga or body massage, Shirodhara, Snehpaan, and Virechan are all beneficial for Tinnitus treatment. The Ayurveda therapies and medicines strengthen the nerves near the ear and balance the aggravated Vata dosha responsible for Tinnitus.

Apart from Ayurvedic Treatment and medicines, when the patient follows a regulated diet, lifestyle, and yoga exercises it becomes easier to treat tinnitus. Eat green vegetables, fresh fruits, dry fruits, nuts, and clarified butter in your diet. Avoid walking in a windy climate, suppression of natural urges, listening to loud music, and excessive use of electronic appliances. Avoid smoking, coffee and alcohol. Exercise regularly and keep a check on the health of your cardiovascular system. Healthy blood vessels can reduce the chances of tinnitus which is closely related to the blood vessels.

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