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Sex is one of the most primitive instincts. Sexual functioning plays a significant role in preserving the emotional connection with the primary partner in addition to being an expression of one’s ability to reproduce and gender identity. Depending on the particular history and circumstance, when this capacity is reduced or interrupted, the psychological effects might range from modest to catastrophic. Treatment for sexual dysfunction is therefore essential because it can have a serious impact on a person’s well-being.

Vajikarana tantra is the branch of Ayurveda that deals with the management of faulty sperm and spermatogenesis as well as sexual potencification (Aphrodisiac medicine).

The word “impotency” is frequently used to describe a severe issue in modern living. On numerous instances, it has been noted that stress and the demanding lifestyle of urban India are the root causes of these illnesses.


two benefits of Vajikarana are reproduction and recreation

, or satisfaction, good health, progeny, and immediate enjoyment.

Vajikarana encourages sexual prowess and performance, while also enhancing a person’s physical and psychological well-being. As a result, it aids in the maintenance and advancement of good health.

Vajikarana increases sex congress power and sustenance, as well as physical strength, tissue nutrition, and Ojas. It also makes one more affectionate towards ladies. Through the use of Vajikarana, not only the patient receiving treatment but even their great-grandsons are given the ability for healthy conception and generation.

Before engaging in sexual activity, it was customary in ancient times to consume some aphrodisiacs. The goal was to increase both the quantity and quality of semen while also promoting sexual pleasure.

Thus, Vajikarana is a requirement for all couples planning to begin a sexual relationship and for those who want to continue their sexual relationship in a better way. Infertility, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction are just a few of the typical sexual dysfunctions that can benefit from this.

Vajikarana chikitsa may involve the administration of Vrishya formulations (herbal or herbo-mineral preparations with an aphrodisiac effect) and exclusive therapies such as Vajikarna Vasti, Uttara Vasti, Vaji Navarakizhi, Dhara, and so on. The man who seeks pleasure ought to routinely use Vajikarana therapy.

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