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Ayurveda Wellness Retreat Nashik Resorts

Wellness & a place to retreat your mind, body, and soul is in a picturesque setting at Nashik stay center, Nashik. A fantastic backdrop of the natural greenery and the historic land of shiva sets the perfect ambiance for Ayurvedic therapies focussed on rejuvenation and relaxation. The stay center served the best cuisines that showcase wellness and rejuvenation and combine it well with the spirit of Nashik.

Well, the land is not just extended to your wellness, it is majorly brought to you at your tip by giving medical service. We have a multispeciality hospital that offers various medical treatments at very minimal prices. In association with Sujata Birla hospital & Medical Research Center, we offer luxurious staycation for the visitors to explore the peaceful side of Ayurveda.

Our rates of 

wellness and retreat center offer 


  • Powerful herbal store
  • Birla Ayurveda has expert Ayurvedic Doctors to provide superior, healthy, and tasty foods as per your need during the treatment.
  • Experienced therapists from Kerala for various relaxation & life-transforming treatments.
  • Ac/non Ac accommodations for your comfort.
  • Relaxing Garden & No Pollution zone to make your feel blissed.
  • A spacious garden filled with plants and small trees soothes the senses and offers a place to read or be still during the healing process. It is important to rest during the -detoxification process and comfortable accommodations allow for deep and satisfying relaxation.
  • Spacious & affordable rooms.

The adjoining place of relaxation has two rooms for therapy that surround the visitors with the aura of peace. The therapy rooms function with comfortable beds, candles, and smooth music. To experience the wellness of peace for your soul, body, and mind there are therapists from Kerala who are the foyer from the Kerala Ayurveda fraternity.

The palace is completely rejuvenated with vivid therapies like:

Vaman Therapy Virechaman therapy Basti therapy
Shirodhara therapy Potli Massage Therapy

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  • Arias
    Posted 07/07/2022 at 4:04 PM

    Thank you for the information. much needed to get relief from mental stress and to feel Wellness & To know about a place to retreat your mind, body, and soul is in a picturesque setting best gynaecology hospital in Nashik

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